5 Stylish Accent Wall Ideas

An accent wall is a beautiful way to bring in a unique style to your interior design. Whether you’re wanting to try a new bold color or want to bring the focal point of the room together, an accent wall is an easy way to do just that. Accent walls make it easy to bring in vibrant styles or designs without committing to the entire room. Accent walls are perfect for your living room, den, kitchen or even the master bedroom.

Here are five great stylish accent wall ideas to keep in mind for your upcoming renovation or upgrade to your home.  

1. Traditional Paint

Paint is a super easy way to go about accenting a particular wall without spending a large amount of money. You can bring in a bright, bold color such as red or you can stay more neutral in tone but choose a darker gray or navy blue. This is an easy way to accent your room and tie together your furniture and color scheme. You can use a bold color on your wall and match it with throw pillows or blankets you use throughout the room. The accent wall can simply be a neutral theme to give a contrast to your other walls or you can really let your personality shine.

2. Decorative Wood Panels

Another great accent wall idea is to use decorative wood panels and attach them to the wall. You can choose the color or stain of the wood to help bring the accent wall to life. Go for a more rustic design in your living room and an antique, romantic style in your master bedroom. Either way decorative wood panels are a great way to make a wall stand out and bring the room to life.

Decorative wood panels are also perfect spots to hang home decorations, such as a fabric dream catcher and string lights. Also, you can easily install hooks and organizers into them to make your vertical space more functional. For instance, you can hide electronic cords and cables behind decorative wood panels with the help of plastic cable cases, adhesive strips, and hooks.

3. Brick or Stone Accent Wall

Brick and stone are a great way to bring a touch of elegance and warmth to your room as well. These make for a unique accent wall and you can choose from a variety of color options. Stone can look sleek and elegant or it can look more rustic by choosing pieces of varying size and shape. Consider adding stone or brick around your fireplace to help emphasize the area and add a unique accent wall.

Another great material to consider for your accent wall is engineered stone. It possesses the feel and look of marble that’s a competitive alternative to expensive natural stone. For the best results, do your due diligence and find a reputable manufacturer that uses 100% natural color pigments to ensure premium quality engineered stone products. You may also enlist the help of an expert to determine the best type of engineered stone for your requirements.

4. Chalkboard Wall

A multipurpose accent wall material would be chalkboard paint. This affordable option is a great way to create an accent wall in the kitchen or living areas. It is a unique style, and it functions as a way to entertain your children or keep lists and messages close by for all to see. Use a chalkboard wall in your kitchen or dining room to keep track of your dinner menu, grocery lists, and any other tasks you may need to accomplish.

You can also use the chalkboard wall as a reminder wall for family members. Write your cleaning schedule, house rules, family motto, and other things you want them to remember. This area is also a nice place to decorate during special occasions, like birthdays and anniversaries. For instance, you can hang a ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Happy Anniversary’ banner or do creative chalk wall lettering to express your special message.

5. Gallery Wall

If you’re renting a home, you may not be able to install decorative wood panels or bricks. You may not even be able to paint the walls a different color, depending on your property manager. However, you can still create an accent wall. Consider creating a photo gallery wall. This could be family photos, art pieces you love, or pictures of locations you’ve gone. These are a simple way to create a focal point in the room without changing the wall itself.

Accent walls are great to add to any living area, bedroom area, or kitchen. They help to bring a room together while adding your unique style and personality. Consider these five ways to create an accent wall as you decorate your home.

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