4 Tips for the Ultimate Comfortable Road Trip

Road trips are a ton of fun, you’re in a car with your favorite people, headed to an exciting destination. Having your own car means you can go at your own pace, enjoy stopping wherever you want to take pictures and to really make the most of your trip. However being sat in a car for hours at a time can be uncomfortable and if you haven’t properly prepared yourself you might grow bored or frustrated with your road trip. I’ve compiled a list of my top 4 tips for ensuring you have the ultimate comfortable road trip, keep reading to learn more:

1. Be Smart About What You Wear
You’ll want to choose clothes that feel comfortable to sit in a car for a long period of time. I don’t like to look frumpy, so I prefer to find elegant outfits that are made with natural fibers. Choosing natural fibers, like cotton, ensures that you’ll be fresh if you’re sweaty and stuck in the same place for a long period of time. Chums have a great range of clothing that would be perfect for ensuring you still look good after a long road trip, and they’ve actually come up with a great guide to road trip adventures for older adults that might inspire your next trip.

2. Don’t Forget Snacks
There’s nothing worse than being hungry or dying of thirst in the middle of nowhere. I always take a bunch of snacks and I find that healthier snacks are actually more satisfying. Think things like nuts, fruit, and something with protein like cheese or beef jerky. Be sure to bring extra snacks, more than you need, and then you can either save them for the return drive or use them during your trip. There’s never too many snacks!

3. Make a Playlist
This is one of my favorite parts of a road trip – choosing a great playlist that you love. Try to mix up your playlist with some old favorites that you can sing along to, as well as your new favorites. If you’re in a pinch, you can even search on Spotify for “best road trip playlist” or something along the lines of that and you’ll find some great options premade! I do suggest downloading your playlist in advance because you may travel through areas where the Internet and reception is spotty and there’s nothing worse than dealing with fuzzy music.

4. Go For the Scenic Route
Check out the different routes to get to your destination. It may be worthwhile traveling on a slightly longer route if it means you’ve gotta photo opportunities on the way. What I tend to do is take the scenic route on the way there, when you’ve got a bit more time, and then come back on the more direct route when you’re tired and just ready to be home. Be sure to check out the current time estimates to see how much extra the scenic route will add, or if there are any landmarks or points of interest you can visit on the way!

Traveling is such a joy and road trips are such a great way to explore somewhere. I hope these tips for the ultimate comfortable road trip inspire you to make the most of your next road trip.

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