4 Things every aspiring artist should know

As an artist, you are free to create anything you want. You can follow a subject that will captivate your imagination and present the subject in a style that will delight you. 

The challenge comes especially for artists who are in the early stages of a career in the fascinating world of art and especially in the long and difficult process of discovering what they are passionate about.

While some artists immediately develop a clear artistic vision, most artists need to experiment and explore before discovering where their passion lies. Some of them will form their hand trying different environments, and another part will explore a wide range of topics and styles. 

Regardless of the way of working that the artist chooses, we cannot make a difference. Any approach is important and beneficial in the development of the artist’s career.

A successful career in the art world depends on a number of factors. For some artists, success has nothing to do with the financial side. 

It is important to emphasize that achieving success in any of the categories listed above requires time and effort. An artist should be prepared to dedicate a small part of his time.

The best way for an inspiring artist to get to be seen, especially in the digital world, is to start posting his artworks on an online artwork platform. Many artists ask us if we have any advice on how to achieve success on these online artwork platforms, and we certainly have! We encourage you to read and follow the 4 helpful tips in the lines below to maximize your chances of getting noticed.

1.Upload quality artwork photos

It is not a cliché when we say how important are the photos taken on the work of art and to represent reality as accurately as possible.

Don’t forget the details in the photos!

Sometimes a single detail can capture attention and generate the acquisition of the work of art. For example, let’s say you painted a picture in several rolls (read as transparent touches of paint applied in layers), and in a certain area you managed to get a spectacular effect, or, you focused more much on an important detail, this aspect can attract attention and increase the attraction to the picture in question.

Who doesn’t want a spectacular work of art in their home?

2.Write a detailed biography of yourself and precise descriptions of your creations

Art collectors are not only interested in the work done, but also in the person behind the creativity. Therefore, we encourage you to write a biography as detailed as possible that highlights the creative processes or motivation for creating art.

3. Keep your portfolio up-to-date

It is important to always update your portfolio in order to keep your clients interested in your progress. 

4. The right price for your artwork

Proper prices are crucial for the sale of artworks. As an artist, you should always be prepared to explain how and why you came up with your prices. It is therefore very important to adopt principles and methods of setting consistent prices.

Each artist has an equal opportunity to be selected for a special feature. Keeping an up-to-date and informative profile of the creative activity carried out can expose you to potential buyers.

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