Home Improvement Tips: The Importance of Detail

Less is often more, especially when striving to make the most out of your home improvement budget. 

The true beauty of a sublime interior often lies in the smallest of details, from the texture of the material to the cohesion of the color scheme. 

If you are thinking about taking on a new home improvement project in the near future, or feel like redesigning your living space to relish in the benefits of a fresh new aesthetic, here are a few tips that you might find useful:

The Power of the Mirror

Mirrors are an incredibly diverse, timeless design choice that can work in a myriad of exceptional ways. From making the room appear brighter and bigger to acting as a sophisticated centerpiece for an entire dining room. 

They can be a cost-effective way of completely changing the ambiance in any given space. Moreover, there are so many different styles to consider, from the highly modern to the exquisite classic. Check out GCS Glass & Mirror for some beautiful examples of mirrors that can suit a vast range of design aesthetics.  

Open Space

There are perhaps few situations that would not benefit from a little decluttering. Reducing the number of accessories, underutilized furniture and lights can be a great way to make use of the architectural layout of any given interior.

Open space can make the room feel taller, brighter and airier, making the concept of decluttering an immensely important one for any home improvement project. 

Go Natural

Swapping a tired old carpet for some beautiful, natural-looking wood can make an interior appear vastly more sophisticated. 

The hardwood varieties tend to be the most resilient choices, which can enable them to stay looking spotless even in areas of potentially high levels of footfall. 


In a variety of instances, color cohesion can be the factor that takes the design aesthetic to the next level. 

It can be a quick and cost-effective way to liven up your home and add a spark of the refined to your favorite rooms. 

For example, matching details in the bathroom can make the overall look feel elegant and sophisticated, particularly if you match up the accessories in a color like brushed gold or copper. 

Don’t Neglect the Ceiling

It can be extremely easy to forget about the ceiling, and many even choose to ignore it completely. 

This is one area that should not be overlooked, however, as a freshly painted ceiling can offer functional value as well as good looks.

Natural light will have an easy time reflecting around the room if you opt to go for a brighter color, which can work to lift the look of the whole interior. 

A ceiling that stands out also emanates a degree of care, pride and attention to detail, making it an impactful detail well worth considering.

The Front Door

For an all-encompassing experience from start to finish, the front door should not be left out of the equation. 

A fresh coat of paint and a door knocker that stands out can beautify your home exterior in no time. 

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