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BAIK Bicycle

A bicycle isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when think of a minimalist piece of art. Well think again! Ion Lucin & Colorsponge created Baik, a bicycle designed with little elements as possible.

Simon Freund – minimal objects made in Germany

Born in Königstein im Taunus – Simon Freund is a young artist working in the field of consumable goods. Each object is a reflection of Simon Freund’s very personal understanding of design, aesthetic and functionality. With…

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Tomás Saraceno Works With Spiders

Artist Tomás Saraceno is back in New York with an exhibition at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery… and this time he brought spiders!!! Every sculpture was constructed by a variety of spiders, each occupying an open box for…

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Looking Glass

Looking Glass is an appealingly unique new kind of art form. By utilizing the world’s first volumetric printing technique the team is able to print 2D sheets of ink to create the illusion of a…

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Ramon Todo collects various rocks and bricks while out walking, he then removes sections from each to be replaced by clean, polished glass. The rocks represent the history and culture of the land and the…

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Tales You Lose

Tales You Lose is a novel artistic endeavor by Frankfurt-based Brazilian designer Andre Levy. As part of a creative project he began collecting coins from all over the world and painting over the featured presidents or…

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Geometric Sculptures

Russian artist Pavel Platonov excels at geometric surrealism. Turning real-world forms into angular, faceless sculptures that are at once mesmerizing and ever so unsettling he creates an eerie contrast between the perceived world and his unreal…

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Palette 01: Black and White

Black and White by Victionary is the first in a design series celebrating monochromatic art. The content encompasses a broad range of design features such as 2D and 3D spectrums, brand elements, art installations, typography…

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Paper Sculptures

The intricate and delicate attention to detail present in Paper Sculptures by Rogan Brown communicates an intense appreciation of nature, and a need to understand its beauty through creative expression. Rogan prepares by carefully scrutinizing…

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Mirage Mirrors

The Mirage Mirrors have a sense of mystery and foreboding as if you are gazing through a window into another world’s grey, apocalyptic sky. Designed by Benjamin Graindorge, the mirrors capture a somber mood that invites a pause…

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