Palette 01: Black and White

Black and White by Victionary is the first in a design series celebrating monochromatic art. The content encompasses a broad range of design features such as 2D and 3D spectrums, brand elements, art installations, typography and photography, as well the use of shadow and light. It explores the choice of a muted palette in today’s modern landscape where high quality colour printing is so readily and easily available and bright, popping palettes are on trend.


Creators’ love for black and white is a constant. Used to be the height of imaging and now a creative attitude, the austerely simple yet expressive black and white enthrall designers for their stack contrast and evocative power in graphics and body of text that no other colours can attain.


In words and selected creative projects, the hard core of this global movement today expounds on their conscious decision to fix on this limited palette to create, despite the exhilarating colour trends and the many quality colour printing options to hand.

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