YOHANN iPad Stand

YOHANN arrives to add the final touch to the already beautiful Apple-product. It’s an iPad stand that represents product design of the highest level: As your daily working tool at the office or at home, as a stylish accessory to beautiful rooms and furniture or as an original gift idea.


It was when he got his first iPad, that Berend Frenzel of sillber, Sitzerland thought about YOHANN for the first time. The Basel-based architect loved the new Apple product, but what he was truly missing, was a stable and functional stand that would match the iPads elegance and aesthetics. So he set his sights on developing a product that would combine the desired functionality with an intuitive handling and minimalistic design.


YOHANN just launched its Kickstarter project and is looking to be funded by the 25th of September. Order it now and take advantage of reduced prices, limited editions and free worldwide shipping. Support their Kickstarter to get your YOHANN early!


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