Yes, It Is Possible To Make Money As A Graffiti Artist And Here’s How

Making money from your creativity may seem to go against the tagger ethos. Why shouldn’t you make money from your passion? It seems to be much better than punching a clock and helping other people fulfill their dreams. 

If you think you can’t make money as a graffiti artist, then think again. There has never been a better time to make money as an artist in any medium. The internet has made it possible to start a business from home in just about any field. You can gain a following that will be happy to pay you for your creations. 

If you want to make money, and possibly even a full-time living, then you can make it happen if you know some basic steps to take. In this article, I will give you some tips on how you can do so.

Start a Youtube channel

There are a lot of people that are very passionate about graffiti art. They are actively searching on Youtube for artists that they can follow so they can watch them create their masterpieces. 

If your content is good and your artwork something people appreciate then you can build quite a following. Among those people following you will be other artists that are trying to find a style and like yours. Others may be aspiring taggers that want to learn the basics of how to create something memorable. 

Some artists on Youtube have a big enough following that they can make a full-time income from the ads that show up on their videos. 

Monetize your following

When you have been at Youtube for a while, you can then monetize that audience you have. Over time you have built trust among your viewers and they are looking to you for advice. If they are artists too then they will take your recommendations for art materials and tools. 

You can then give them links to the products that you use yourself such as spray paint caps, or even the clothes that you wear. When you join an affiliate program with the makers of these things you will get a tracking code. After a viewer follows a link and makes a purchase you will receive a commission from the sale. 

Eventually, you can even start your own course for aspiring graffiti artists that can make you quite a bit of money. You can then let your audience know about these courses and how to sign up through your Youtube channel.

Get on Etsy

Yes, you can make money on Etsy even if you are tagging buildings. People that like graffiti art will look to buy some prints to put up on their walls even if they can’t have the original artwork. 

These prints can be shipped easily so once an order comes in you can ship it yourself. Etsy does take some of your sales as fees, but if you sell enough you can make a good living. The best part is that you can create a piece of art that sells over and over as people buy the prints. 

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