The X-Pen by designers, The Minimal Duck, is a felt tip pen composed of machined 6061 aircraft grade aluminium and was produced to celebrate the greatness of the plastic felt tip pen. It’s a distinguished instrument that is meant to embody the passion, creativity, and hard work that goes into design.


  • The cap has a hex machined on it so that you can open the hex set screw used to secure the ink
  • Aircraft grade aluminium 6061
  • X-Pen uses a standard off the shelf hex set screw (easy to replace in case it gets lost). The pen looks great with or without a nickel plate setscrew
  • Unibody design, nothing to get loose while using the pen
  • Magnetic cap secures effortlessly on pen, is fun to play with, makes grabbing paper clips or push pins a breeze
  • 4” overall length fits in your pockets unnoticed


The hex on the cap is a tool used to refill the pen. The process of refilling the pen is an exploration of disassembly and assembly. The magnetic cap was a feature we needed to tell apart ferrous from non-ferrous metals while shopping for metal, it also makes mounting the cap incredibly fun.

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