When To Repair And When To Replace Jewelry

Your jewelry will have a lot of value to you. While much of this could be the financial cost, a lot more could revolve around sentimentality. When it gets broken, you wouldn’t want to simply throw them out.

Instead, you’ll want to repair it. Bringing your pieces to jewelry repair experts could be all you need to make them as good as new. That will only work for so long, however. Some pieces of jewelry could be beyond repair.

It’s worth knowing when that’s the case so you can understand when you should bring your jewelry in to get fixed.

When Should You Repair Jewelry?

When you use your jewelry a lot, it will put up with a certain amount of wear and tear. That’s expected and should be relatively easy to address. Addressing this is one of the more common repairs that are made.

To determine whether or not you should repair your jewelry, you should determine if it’s what you want. Is the piece special to you, such as an engagement or wedding ring or something similar? As long as the repairs aren’t too drastic, then repairs could be recommended.

Get Your Jeweler’s Opinion

It’s always recommended that you see jewelry repair experts if you’re considering whether to repair or replace your pieces. They can tell you whether or not it’s possible to fix it in the first place. Alongside this, they will typically go through what the process will entail and its associated cost.

You should go back to the jeweler that originally sold you the piece. They’ll usually have processes in place to help you repair or replace your jewelry. Asking about a warranty, especially if you have a newer piece, will help cover the cost.

They’ll also have specific repairs that they can and can’t fix, although they should address most issues.

When Should You Buy New Jewelry?

Knowing when you should buy new jewelry could be much simpler than you’d think. In some cases, you’ll need to speak with jewelry repair experts to determine if you can repair a piece. They may tell you to replace it, however, as it may be beyond repair.

It could be possible that chipped diamonds are recut and reset. That isn’t always the case, however. In those cases, you mightn’t be able to repair them, so it could be recommended that you keep them as an heirloom piece and not use them.

In other cases, you might know relatively early if you should replace it. That’s especially true for pieces that are low-value or don’t have any sentimentality attached to them. With these, it’s recommended that you replace them.

Check Your Insurance

Your insurance policy may play a much larger role in your decision than you’d think. In many cases, it will cover the cost of a replacement. For high-values pieces, that could be a better-recommended option.

You’ll need to double-check your insurance policy to see if this is the case. You might find that only repairs are included, which may be a determining factor in your decision.

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