What You Need To Know To Save Money On Your Windows

98 million homes across the US are classified as under-insulated. A large part of insulation comes from windows and how they are installed. With the average US home from 1,700 to 2,600 sqft losing upwards of hundreds of dollars per year just by not replacing their windows, getting the right window properly installed is vital for saving money. Additional window panes create an insulated air space that doesn’t let nearly as much heat escape and keeps sound inside for better performance. Double pane windows, compared to single pane windows, can be over 30% more energy efficient and triple pane windows can be nearly 50% more efficient. 

This efficiency translates into more money saved every year – replacing a single pane window with a triple pane window can save over $500 per year. Getting a window improperly installed creates gaps and lets heat out and water in. This water goes on to cause airway problems and trigger asthma, as well as create rot, mildew, and mold. Unchecked, water can end up causing massive damage to the frame and surrounding wall.
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