What to Serve with Your Favourite Beer

Imagine you have this great new craft beer you want to show off, but inviting people over just to drink beer seems a bit like high school days, when you managed to sneak a few brews. So, unless you still have the same friends, it might be better for your image to have more of an evening prepared. The classy thing to do is to have a meal as the main event and the beer as the special treat. If you want to make an impression, it would be best to ensure that the meal is just the sort of thing that goes with the beer you are offering. Different beers pair better with certain foods, so it is good to know what goes best with want. Here are some basic rules to follow.

  • Ales: Although there are both pale and amber ales, they seem to complement the same types of foods.  You can find a great selection of ales at Among the foods that pair well are barbecued foods. Barbeque and beer seem to be a match that works across the board. The same can be said for pizza.  But Ale also pairs with some of the more popular Mexican dishes like fajitas and quesadillas, and tacos too. Jerk Chicken is said to go well, and cheesy nachos and French fries.
  • Wheat Beers: Wheat beers are quite compatible with citrus flavours and fruit dishes as well. Most salads will go well with wheat beer, and if you have in mind some fruity deserts, that might be the time to bring it out. Wheat beers are at home on the barbeque table, especially if you have a nice tart BBQ sauce and maybe grilled pineapple with cinnamon.
  • Dark Lagers: Dark lagers are a favourite for German-style cuisine. Sausages are an excellent match, but many meaty foods like burgers go equally as well. The sweet notes in dark lager harmonize with meats similarly to how barbecue sauce brings a balance to savoury items.
  • Stout Beer: Stout beers are dark and can have a sort of chocolatey flavour. They might not be precisely the beer for the main course, but they could be just right to go with dessert. This type of beer is pleasant with chocolatey desserts, like cakes and truffles. An arrangement of gourmet chocolates might fit the bill. Some people say that stout beers are just the right beer for shellfish and lobster meat. And it also goes well with barbecue, but what beer doesn’t.
  • Light Lagers: Light lagers are great for parties. Simple fried foods seem to go well. French fries, nachos, wings, and pizza all go good together. Light lagers also go great with some Asian dishes featuring noodles and tempura fried vegetables. Light lagers are an excellent choice for a movie or game night.

Hopefully, your evening will be a success. Try not to make such a big deal of the beer you chose; let people offer their impressions. If you have done well pairing your beer with compatible dishes, then you have done all you can. The rest is up to personal preference.

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