What To Expect When Chartering a Boat for a Corporate Outing

Corporate outings are a time for your team’s members to let their hair down. Successful businesses employ hard-working people who are all aligned toward meeting the same goals. Corporate outings are a brilliant way to get the team together, but without having to think about the next important meeting or sales pitch. Indeed, these fun excursions are a powerful way to relax and generate some bonhomie among your crew. When you charter a boat for such an outing, you can expect fun and relaxation. 

Team Building Activities

A San Diego corporate event boat charter aims to help your team to bond and there are many ways to facilitate this. Team building activities hit the mark because they demand creative, critical thinking, but without the company’s bottom line hanging over every decision. When pairs or small groups become embroiled in fun little challenges between each other, the mood becomes one of infectious happiness. This is made more intense and salient with the coastline in one direction and the brilliant ocean stretching away in the other.

One popular example of a team building activity is the Use-What-You-Have challenge. In this scenario, teams must accomplish a task, aided only by what each member has on their person. One challenge may be to construct a catapult that can launch an egg and another is to construct an egg drop mechanism that doesn’t break the egg. Other team building activities include:

  • Show and Tell
  • Bring a problem to solve
  • What makes you tick
  • Mental scavenger hunt

Whale Watching Charters

Whale watching charters are extremely popular off of the shores of San Diego because this part of the ocean is bustling with marine life all year round. From December to April, 20,000 gray whales are migrating through these waters on their way to Baja or Alaska, depending on the month. In May, Humpback whales frequent this part of the ocean. Other mammals that are often viewed in the area  include minke whales, fin whales and orcas.

Other Types of Corporate Cruises

When you’re talking about corporate cruises San Diego, you have a lot of options. Some feature 5-star dining experiences with renowned chefs while others feature lectures from prominent leaders of their respective fields. While whale watching excursions tend to last about four hours, you can often charter a corporate cruise for any length that suits your needs. 

The catering details on these event cruises can range from casual to elegant. You can even charter a trip in which your crew becomes part of the vessel’s crew, with no experience necessary. In this scenario, your team invests in the ultimate team building activity of facilitating the boat’s performance. When your team is having fun on the high seas, the pressures of business are the last thing on their minds. Instead, they are bonding. Whether you’re whale watching San Diego January or out for a sunset dinner cruise, the team and relationship building that occurs during these outings can’t be replicated. Visit a sailing charter company today to see what options are available for scheduling a corporate outing on the ocean today and you’ll be sailing with your best people tomorrow.

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