What are the top plumbing tips to take into account?

Plumbing is one of the most demanding professions throughout the globe. With advancement in technology, plumbers now have access to better equipment which makes them able to perform more effectively. 

However, despite the availability of more advanced equipment, it is essential that you take into account the different plumbing tips which will make you achieve better results. Irrespective of how good of a plumber you are, here are some of the essentials that you must consider in order to become a better professional and deliver better results. If at any time you are unsure on definitions, feel free to check out their meaning in this plumbing glossary.

01 Do not pour oil in the drain

This is one of the most important tips that every plumber, and even house owners should take into account. When you dump greasy food or oil itself down the drain, you are more likely to clog it. The oil will build up in the drain. Rather, you should select safer disposal options which will ensure that the drain pipes remain smooth. If you are a professional plumber and ever come across clogged pipes, then this may be the reason behind it. You can consult professionals like Happy Tappy Plumber Thornile to get a better idea. 

02 Look what is flushed

This is another important tip for all the professional plumbers out there. There are certain things that should not be flushed at all. This is in order to keep the flush smooth. Flushing the wrong things can create some serious clogs which would further require a plumber to resolve the issue. For instance, cotton balls, products related to hygiene and medications can cause serious clog in the flushes. 

03 Sewer drain should be accessible

Normally, all the plumbing that is been done by professionals is not visible to the eye. However, it is imperative that your main sewer is accessible. It should always be clear and free. The reason behind this is that if the sewage line blocks, then it should be able to move properly. All the drain access points should not be covered. You should contact with professional plumbers to ensure that the sewer drains are accessible. 

04 Chemical drain cleaners should be avoided at all times

There is a misconception that chemical drain cleaners are solution to every plumbing problem. This is not the case at all. In fact, such chemical drain cleaners should be avoided at all times. These chemical drain cleaners are not recommendable as it can deteriorate your health. Rather, those drain cleaners that use organic matter should be used in order to ensure that plumbing is done in the safest and most secure manner. 

05 Prolonging the tap’s life

Most of the times when you visit the bathroom, you ensure that the tap is closed tightly. However, it is pertinent to note that this can cause the seal to damage more often and wear out quickly. The more pressure you put on the tap, more worn out it will get. To avoid this, do not put extra force on the tap. Exert natural force and apply the right pressure to avoid any potential wearing out. 

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