Water Damage Restoration Contractors in Ann Arbor, Michigan: Your Guide to Choosing One

Choosing the right contractor is as important as the decision to make repairs after water damage. It takes a lot of time and research to ensure the job isn’t compromised as it may cause more problem to the property. Here’s a simple checklist for selecting the best water damage restoration contractor in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

1.    Recommended by people you know

The referrals of your family, friends, and neighbors about a water damage restoration contractor in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is essential in the selection process. Think of someone you know who has a recent flooding experience. This person may be a friend, coworker, or someone living in the neighborhood. 

With their experience, there may be a high chance that they’ve called the services of a contractor before. Hence, they’re the right persons to ask about the facilities and methods used by the contractor and the cost and results of the job. Their experience with a water damage restoration contractor like Big Arbor Restoration may help you make the right hiring decision. 

2.    Has been in the business for quite some time

When it comes to your property, you should only hire the best people for the job. Water damage restoration contractors in Ann Arbor, Michigan, who have been in operation for over 10 years are usually reliable and have a good track record of offering quality restoration services. This means they have the right amount of knowledge, skills, and experience to eliminate water damage. 

3.    Has a contractor’s certification

Another essential thing to consider when selecting a water damage restoration contractor is their certification. A reliable water damage restoration contractor can present to you all the necessary certifications and paperwork to be able to operate. These documents are also indications that the contractor offers high-quality services to the clients.

Be wary of companies that can’t show you the required certification as they may not be authorized to do business. 

4.    Uses the latest tools and equipment

A legitimate water damage restoration contractor in Ann Arbor, Michigan, will use the latest tools and equipment when providing their services. Remember, investing in modern equipment can be an advantage as it ensures a fast restoration process. When a good water damage restoration company has invested in state-of-the-art equipment, this means their company is doing well in the business and they can deal with your property’s water damage effectively. 

5.    Available 24/7

Water damage can happen and ruin your property anytime. That said, it’s essential to hire a water damage restoration contractor who offers round-the-clock services for emergencies. A trustworthy contractor will always be readily available when needed. This means they can provide services in the middle of the night or when the sun starts to rise. 

When it comes to water damage, time is essential because the issue should be quickly dealt with. The moment you notice signs of water leak or damage, it’s vital to get the help of the right water damage restoration contractor quickly. By doing this, you protect you and your family’s life and health and you save your property. 

6.    Offers a full line of services

Again, water damage can affect any area of your property. Even if after the water is removed, you may probably need some extra services. A professional water damage restoration contractor has the right level of knowledge about all phases of restoration. Thus, look for a company that’s able to provide a wide range of services to cover all areas of the water damage. These services may include mold remediation and remodeling services for bathrooms, kitchen, living area, attic, and many more. 

7.    Provides a quotation

A great water damage restoration contractor in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has been in the service for several years. Consequently, they’ve worked through the costs of the restoration process. With their experience, they can be able to provide a cost estimate of the work to be done while considering your budget. 

Asking for a quotation will help you prepare for the potential expenses. However, also know that the costs they offer aren’t precise as there may be some hidden damages that may need additional fees. 

8.    Has good reviews

Nowadays, clients leave reviews and feedback online. An experienced water damage restoration contractor usually post their client reviews on their website. If the site doesn’t have feedback, you should go to Google and look for the business name. Search for reviews about the contractor’s professionalism, efficiency, workmanship, and other essential factors. If the reviews are bad, it’s best to move on to the next one. 


Choosing the right water damage restoration contractor in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a serious task. You should do careful research to make sure you’ll get the best services possible and prevent water damage in the future. Having an experienced and professional contractor will offer you peace of mind knowing that your property will be restored under capable and caring hands. 

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