Warning Signs You Need Window Replacement, Colorado Springs

Windows are a vital part of the home. It adds to the curb appeal as well as perform some essential and practical functions. 

Windows insulate your home and let natural light in. They also allow ventilation and proper air circulation. Windows make your home energy efficient as well as add security and privacy. Lastly, windows protect your home from natural elements. 

Older homes with the original windows still in use may need to have its windows replaced. If you need home window replacement Colorado Springs there are companies that can give you professional help. The question is, when do you know that your windows need replacement? 

Here are warning signs that your windows are due for an upgrade:

You Experience Extremes of Temperature

Observe the temperature inside your home. Is it too hot during the summer and too cold during the winter? You may need to upgrade your window in this case. If you’re beginning to experience extreme temperatures inside your home, this means that your windows are not doing its job to properly insulate your home. 

This holds true if your house is already old since older homes have more inefficient, single-paned windows They can be unconformable and not as energy-efficient as double-paned windows. 

To save on energy costs and make your home more comfortable, switch to modern types of windows, and replace old windows entirely with double-paned and double-glazed windows.

Your Windows Are Cold To The Touch

Observe your windows on a cold day and see if it’s cooler than the rest of your house. Windows that may need replacement will be cold to the touch. 

If the warm air from your heater immediately gets cold once it reaches, or is a few feet away from your window, this means that the windows are not insulating correctly. You can also do the candle technique: If you move the flame near your windows and it moves, drafts may be coming from your windows.

When temperature and climates change in your area, bad windows will affect your air conditioning and heating bills. The energy in maintaining the temperature in your home at optimal levels will likely go to waste because of windows with gaps and malfunctioning insulation.

You Hear Noise That’s Coming Outdoors

Windows offer privacy. This means it should keep distractions outside. If you hear all the sounds from the street and your neighbors, you probably need a window replacement. 

Windows should be insulated and sealed correctly. You can benefit from newer materials for your window or you can switch to double or triple-pane glass. Window glass insulated with Argon and Krypton gas offer insulation and noise reduction, which is good if you live in a busy area.

Difficulty Moving Your Windows

Is your window closure too tight? If it’s too tight, opening and closing your windows should be a problem. Also, if they’re painted and swollen, they may require a lot of force to shut. 

Make sure the materials are fixed just right so the windows will close and open without much effort. Wooden windows are particularly more prone to changes in climate conditions because the wood swells and shrinks depending on changes in temperature.

Difficulty in operating your window is also a sign of improper installation or your windows are just getting old. Aging windows may have developed rot and rust that’s why they’re not closing and opening properly. In this case, you have to replace them. Take note that windows need to be balanced in order to work well.

You See Visible Damage on Your Windows

Sometimes you don’t have to be a super sleuth to know that there’s something wrong with your windows. There could be visible signs of chipping and decay. You may find that wooden windows are soft to the touch. This is a sure sign that the materials have degraded and need to be repaired, or better yet replaced. 

Wooden windows, in particular, are susceptible to rot, and it should be replaced as soon as possible.

Leaking Windows

After a storm or heavy rainfall, water may pool near your windows because the fixtures of your windows are already damaged. Wooden windows are particularly vulnerable to decay and sagging. Wooden windows erode and eventually fail to close and protect your home properly. 

You shouldn’t leave a leaky window as is. Even if the rain has stopped, mold forms on wood where moisture has collected, causing more damage. Take note that there will be instances when repairing leaky windows is not enough; you might have to totally replace a leaky window. 

Condensation Build Up

Do you notice fog forming on your windows? Usually, this is normal and not a cause for concern. However, observe closely if the condensation is building up in between the panes of glass. 

This is a precursor to leaky windows and is a sign that your window seals have failed. You should repair or replace the window immediately before the damage gets too severe.

Final Thoughts:

Windows are a critical structure of the house. They add beauty and appeal to your home and give you the kind of ambiance and insulation you need. 

Maintaining it properly and being able to tell the warning signs of imminent problems can save you from future discomforts.

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