Volkswagen AERROW

The Volkswagen AERROW is Andreas Blazunaj‘s diploma project for Industrial Design. He decided to concentrate his expertise on Transportation Design and the result is a sleek, aerodynamic vehicle that’s futuristic design is both aesthetically pleasing and functional – a more efficient way of driving.


The following result of my diploma paper is a one-person-vehicle that unites all possibilities to create a new and more efficient way of driving. An important point to increase the aerodynamic efficiency was the choice of a motorbike-cladding. It not only loses the heavy riding suit but also minimizes the air turbulence.


Another advantage of the single track vehicle is that the friction forces are minimized due to having two wheels and a smaller vehicle width. Electric gyroscopes are installed to balance the automobile in situations in which it stands, e.g. at a traffic light, and prevent it from falling over.


Moreover, those gyroscopes are connected with the KERS and supply them permanently with the needed energy. To fully use its power, the one-person-vehicle has an all-wheel-drive (2WD) and a 2-wheel steer (2WS). Its gliding through curves, handling as well as agility profits from this. The vehicle has a small TDI-Hybridmotor.

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