• OtherPhoto of Urbliner


    Designed by Eduardo Trivino Vargas, the Urbliner is a futuristic electric vehicle conceived with the purpose of providing a better transport experience for students in Bogota, Colombia in the year 2030. The construct is of a light alloy and plastic from…

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  • OtherPhoto of Volkswagen AERROW

    Volkswagen AERROW

    The Volkswagen AERROW is Andreas Blazunaj‘s diploma project for Industrial Design. He decided to concentrate his expertise on Transportation Design and the result is a sleek, aerodynamic vehicle that’s futuristic design is both aesthetically pleasing and functional – a more efficient way of…

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  • BlogPhoto of MYO


    MYO is 'The Next Generation of Gesture Control' and it seems rather interesting to us.

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  • OtherPhoto of Nulla Bike

    Nulla Bike

    Recently we featured one of the most beautiful bike hanger we’ve seen. Now it would only be appropriate to feature the most perfectly minimal bike. Nulla, which literally means “nothing” in Italian, comes from the creative genius of Bradford Waugh.…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Google Glass

    Google Glass

    Well what a perfect blog post to coincide with our relaunch. In all honesty Google Glass is about as cool as a polar bears toenails.

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  • HomePhoto of Dishy ~ The Two-Tone Leisure Lounger by David Fox

    Dishy ~ The Two-Tone Leisure Lounger by David Fox

    These may look like something out of the Jetsons, but the two-tone design and minimal shape kind of pulls at our heartstrings longing for a future retro universe.

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  • ArtPhoto of The Future Retro Lightbulb Oil Lamp by Sergio Silva

    The Future Retro Lightbulb Oil Lamp by Sergio Silva

    Utilising a product the way it worked in the past displayed the way it works in a modern day.

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