Use These Tricks To Give Your Restaurant A Minimalist Feel

Minimalism has been trendy for a good few years now, bringing us back to an age when the pursuit of endless things was not a measure of success. However, in many ways, COVID-19 has hastened its return. When we go out, we don’t want to have to touch too many objects or walk in close proximity to other people. The fewer potential sources of infection, the better.

This is especially true in a restaurant setting. Because of our increased awareness of hygiene issues, space is more important than ever. Few people want to sit in a crowded or cluttered restaurant.

As a restaurant owner, this provides a problem. More space can easily equate to fewer people. Your patrons may be more comfortable, but you’ll find it tougher to turn a profit.

The good news is that there are some simple tricks to give your restaurant a more minimalist feel, without compromising too much on a healthy amount of patronage.

Utilize A Bar

Bar seating is an excellent way to bring minimalism into your restaurant. Even with spaces between each patron (or between unrelated patrons), you can fit quite a few people at the bar. If you use comfortable bar stools and a classy counter, it can feel like its own experience as well. While not ideal for large groups of people, it can be the perfect option for groups of two or three.

Make sure you know the best ratio between counter height vs bar stools height. If you get this wrong, your patrons are going to be very uncomfortable!

Use Clean Colors

 Interesting patterns on your floors and walls can look great. However, they will make your restaurant feel more cluttered than it actually is. For a minimalist feel, use neutral and clean colors. White and black are the most obvious choices, as they give an incredible sense of space. However, you can try other color palettes, as long as they are uncomplicated.

Try Smaller Tables

Restaurant tables should always have enough space for everyone’s meals to fit comfortably. However, if you need to preserve space on the floor, getting tables that are a little bit smaller is a good option. A table does not need to have room for everyone’s phones, keys, and wallets. 

Yes, it will be slightly less comfortable, but it will also make it easier for conversation to flow between groups of people. Also, the comfort of having space between tables is far more important in a post-pandemic world.

Use Mirrors To Open Up Space

Of course, mirrors don’t actually provide more space in a room. However, they do provide a very real sense of space, and sometimes that is more important. Everyone has had the experience of feeling crowded in a big room. The opposite is true as well – you can feel like you have all the space in the world if that space is amplified and highlighted.In a post-COVID world, in which people are trying to find as much space as possible, mirrors can make your restaurant feel much more comfortable and safe.

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