Understated Style Choices That Make All The Difference

Understated means quiet or the opposite of flashy. An understated style is one that does not shout ‘look at me!’ It allows you to tell the world a little bit of yourself, such as a liking or interest towards a specific color, shape, texture, or your mood towards something. You do not catch everyone’s attention, but only a few people keen to fashion will see it. This article consists of a few understated style choices that can make a massive change to your appearance. Blank Label offers timeless designs you can choose from while enjoying the comfort of your own home.

Jeans and T-shirt

It is an everyday casual daytime outfit for both men and women. Most people probably have no idea that you can spice this outfit to look right for any occasion. An eye-catching coat acts as a top layer for all your basic outfits. You can include a classic checked coat to your t-shirt and jeans, which works for the office. It will need you to steer away from your regular sneakers and wear a pair of fancy heels or classic leather shoes. On warm days when you want to bare your arms and maybe ankles, add a chic leather bag, quality footwear, and perhaps a few bracelets to add to the casual look. Whether you’ve got an hourglass figure or are apple shaped and looking for a good pair of jeans, high waist skinny jeans are a style that works for many women. The jeans magically smoothen curves on larger bodies and create the look of curves on much straighter figures. This look is more effective when you tuck in your t-shirt. For regular travellers, this is a suitable and cheap outfit.


There was a time when you could only wear sweatpants to bed or just around the house. For several years now, things have been different, as sweatpants have become very stylish. A celebrity like Kylie Jenner is proof as she is seen rocking a pair of them frequently. They are common in both men and women. When trying to dress up a pair of sweatpants for that outstanding but straightforward look, it is best to go for fitted instead of something baggy. You can easily pair this with a trendy coat, a leather jacket, denim, or trench. They also look more casual for ladies with their hair in a messy bun or a loose ponytail.

A pair of heels also blends in well with fitted sweatpants. This style has been able to grace the red carpet several times. Some jewellery or a watch will also add a sheerer look. Young guys can add some glamour with simplistic watches from Omega, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, or any other brand that produces classy watches. Casual sneakers and joggers from brands such as Nike and Adidas are the best matches for sweatpants. However, it looks a bit slack, but you can improve it by adding a bomber jacket, leather jacket, or denim.

Summer Dress

One of the best ways to beat the summer heat is by including a few summer dresses in your closet. They are loosely fit, which keeps you cool and comfortable. Summer dresses are fun and flirty, and you can enhance this vibe by going for a fruity print. Going for a button-down dress is suitable for a flirty look where you can play with the front buttons to draw in attention. Their revealing style is incompatible with most standard bras. When bra straps or cups are visible, it may ruin the cute look of a summer dress. It is where a bralette comes in handy because it is attractive, fashionable, and meant to be seen. You can choose one that matches or complements one or two colours that are already present in your dress.

Business Casual

A business casual attire is not as formal as the traditional office look. However, sneakers with a t-shirt are not business casual, and neither is a full-on suit. It is not an easy dress code to maintain for it changes from company to company. Generally, a woman should have a combination of a skirt, sweater, blouse, jacket, and closed-toe shoes. You can upgrade your business casual look by investing in a pair of classy closed-toe heels. A statement coat is also perfect for elevating any of your head to toe look. A simple accessory such as a single bracelet or a simple chain can go a long way to adding glamour to your look without making it too casual if your workplace allows it, spice up the look with a classic tailored denim jacket. A man’s business casual attire mainly consists of a button-down shirt, dress slacks, dark socks, and dress shoes. You can finalise this look by wearing a classy watch, which is a sign of professionalism. A watch is always the missing part of any male outfit.

Floral Skirts

They are simple, yet with the perfect match, they can look outstanding. During the weekends, dress in a floral skirt that goes as much as below the ankle and pair it with fisherman sandals, a button-up shirt that may be stripped or with a plain dull colour and you are ready to go out for brunch. Do not forget to put on some beautiful pearl or gemstone earrings. You can also rock in a short floral skirt and match it with a light bright-coloured turtleneck whose colour complements or matches one of those on the dress. A pair of flats and some emerald rings are also sure to blend in well with a mini floral skirt. A below the knee floral skirt never disappoints when you add a pair of leather heel boots. It, together with a few classy additions such as a silver ring, a classic ladies watch, cluster earrings, and several bracelets, will give you a kind of vintage look. You can also add a French or knitted beret for a more finished look.

How Small Style Changes Can Make a Big Difference

If you are a fashion lover, the styles above are affordable and straightforward for you to try out. You may be having some of the accessories I have mentioned, but you do not know how to mix them up to come up with an awesome outfit. You can try some of these styles as soon as now!

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