Types Of Kitchen Renovations For Homes In Perth

It takes time for most homeowners to start a kitchen remodeling project, given the inconvenience and costliness of such an undertaking. For the largest part of families, this room is the ideal place for family gatherings, cooking tasty meals, and enjoying the smell of delicious food. 

Not all individuals require the same type of renovation in terms of design, layout, and budget. Therefore, one is advised to consult a professional contractor before undertaking such a project. Nowadays, there is an extensive choice of remodeling contractors, such as kitchen renovation – Perth Premier Home Improvements, specializing in residential construction, extension, and renovation projects. 

These are the main types of kitchen remodelling provided by professionals in Perth.

Reasons to renovate

Homeowners decide to renovate their kitchens due to a variety of reasons, most of which involve deterioration. Since these rooms are subjected to everyday wear and tear, it’s no wonder tiles start cracking, cabinet doors get broken, countertops start peeling, walls get stained, etc. Consequently, a remodelling project is indispensable for space, elements, and appliances to restore their functionality. 

Moreover, most homeowners opt for kitchen renovation prior to putting their home on the real estate market. A renovated kitchen will increase the overall value of your property, as no homebuyer wants a kitchenette with a retro design and obsolete appliances. Additionally, some homeowners choose to remodel this room in their homes to match their personal preferences. For instance, you might be dealing with a lack of storage space to fit all of your utensils or a general lack of space that prevents you from entertaining plenty of guests. 

Another common reason for kitchen renovation is making it more energy-efficient. Nowadays, there is an extensive assortment of energy-efficient appliances, as well as solar water heaters, which benefit both your pocket and the environment. Also, many governments have started offering financial incentives in the form of cash rebates for homeowners willing to trade their outdated appliances for cash. Make sure you visit this page to check out other common reasons for such remodelling projects. 

Types of renovations

Depending on the exact reason for remodelling, homeowners can opt for three main types of kitchen renovation, those being cosmetic, remove and re-install, and custom projects. It’s vital for residents to understand the real reason behind their renovation plan in order to avoid unnecessary expenses. For instance, there’s no logic in altering the entire design of the room if you intend to sell the house as soon as possible. Instead, you’ll invest the rest of the budget for the remodelling project in your new home. 

Cosmetic renovation

Cosmetic remodelling projects are suitable for homeowners who wish to upgrade the look of their kitchens before putting their homes up for sale. These projects involve a replacement of the visible items in the room, such as cabinet doors, appliances, countertops, drawers, wall paint, and other elements that attract one’s attention. Also, this type of cosmetic project is a suitable solution for individuals who can’t stand the overall tone of the kitchen in their new home. 

In terms of project length, cosmetic kitchen renovations might last between a single day and a few months. For example, people planning to refresh its look by repainting the walls would need no more than two days to finish the job. In contrast, the ones that plan a replacement of most elements would need at least a one-month period, given the time necessary for coming up with the design, selecting the right products, and having them installed.

Remove and re-install renovation

These projects, as the name implies, involve the removal of the old kitchen elements and installation of new ones in the very same location. Such remodelling is suitable for homeowners who wish to make no layout alterations but replace the elements because of deterioration. It involves replacing hardware, lighting, cabinets, and flooring, depending on residents’ preferences. 

When it comes to project duration, remove and re-install renovations last longer than the cosmetic ones, ranging from four to five months. Quoting takes up a couple of weeks, accompanied by 6-10 weeks spent on waiting for the cabinets to be manufactured. Ultimately, the actual installation of the new elements could take a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of five weeks to get completed. The following link,, involves some helpful tips for preparing for a remodelling project. 

Custom renovation

Custom kitchen remodelling is the dream of every homeowner; given the myriad of changes one can do in terms of design and layout. These projects are particularly beneficial for residents who cope with a lack of space and dysfunctionality. 

Regarding layout changes, you might consider moving the stove to the other side of the room or deciding to eliminate the large kitchen island placed in the centre. These alterations are crucial for improving its functionality, allowing you to move freely around the room and have more storage space for your cookware and utensils. 

Furthermore, custom projects involve removing or moving walls, but you’ll need to obtain a permit to get the job done in accordance with the law. Prior to demolition, make sure you have the necessary drawings and permit to get the project started. 

Homeowners opting for custom remodelling will need approximately seven months to get their new kitchen look. Keep in mind that about four weeks are usually spent on making detailed plans and selecting materials. Another four weeks are necessary for taking the right measurements, followed by an eight-week period of obtaining permits and ordering materials. Finally, the process of construction might last up to twelve weeks. 

In terms of pricing, cosmetic remodelling is known to be the least expensive, while the custom renovation is undoubtedly the costliest variant. Normally, the exact cost would depend on the changes you plan to make and the quality of the materials you’ll select. 

Final word

Hiring the right contractors is vital for getting the kitchen you always dreamed of.  You won’t regret the collaboration with real experts!

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