Top Trends In New Built Homes

The housing market is beginning to show signs of stabilizing in the era of ‘new normality,’ reports the NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index, with many homeowners who had to pause construction work in March, now resuming their initial plans. If fact, the NAHB feels that the housing sector will help the country move out of the current period of uncertainty, and is poised to bounce back faster than other sectors. If you are a homeowner who is currently commencing construction, what trends can you discuss with your architects and interior designers?

Hidden Technology

The penchant for clean, uncluttered spaces continues to hold sway, and that means clever building plans that ‘hide’ items such as kitchen equipment and audiovisual systems. Custom home builders are frequently asked to create space for hidden speakers inside drywall, to build hidden walls or pockets for electric window shades, and to create entire kitchen units that slide open to reveal ovens, fridges, and the like. The key is for the eye to enjoy uniformity in the color and structure of surrounding furniture and décor features.

Design For Life

‘Design for life’ – the idea that great design never really goes out of style or loses its functionality – has always been an aim for top designers, but these days, homeowners are demanding this quality in the construction and layout of their homes. Values that have universal appeal include integration into the surroundings, the use of natural materials, and sustainable energy systems. High ceilings, seamless transitions between flooring materials, and step-free entrances ensure that the home is appealing now and at the point of resale.

Light-Filled Spaces

The word is still divided on open floor plans, with many experts announcing the official death of this trend. However, many home buyers and owners are still opting for this type of layout, since it maximizes the flow of light through rooms. There are other ways construction can achieve this effect, of course, one of which is through the use of glass and steel room dividers, which permit the creation of discrete spaces while maintaining light flow, as well as a sense of human connection.

Sustainable Construction

Sustainability is big in practically all sectors, with a Consumer Sustainability Survey indicating that Americans are willing to pay more for sustainable products and services. In the realm of home builds, trends to watch out for include the use of recycled, reclaimed, and eco-friendly materials (including bamboo), the installation of energy efficient windows, and the unification of indoor and outdoor spaces. Areas such as porches and outdoor entertainment and bar areas will be bigger than ever in an era in which homeowners have had to make their home the focal point of entertainment and social interaction.

The home building sector is showing signs of stabilization, and that means that many buyers are once again working on building their dream homes. A few trends holding sway include simple uncluttered interiors, designing spaces for life, and letting light in. Sustainability is also influential in everything from energy to the choice of materials.

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