Top Tips for Saving Space in Your DC Apartment

When you have to live in an apartment, you can often find yourself sacrificing space in favor of a good location or an interesting building. While they can make for great places to live, they don’t often help with the problem of where you are actually going to store all of your things. Here are some top tips to help you save space in your new apartment in Washington D.C. 


One of the most important things you can do when you move from one home to another (even if you aren’t downsizing) is to declutter. We accumulate so much stuff when we live in a place and we can one day wake up to realize that we are totally overwhelmed by everything we have surrounded ourselves with. 

Getting rid of everything that is no longer important to us is liberating and it can truly help us to declutter our minds at the same time. If you are getting rid of a lot of stuff or are disposing of some particularly bulky items, contract a service that will lift and haul away your goods. 

Invest in Clever Storage

You should aim to have as little dead space throughout your property as possible. If you are left with dead space, that is just one small area where you could have in fact fitted a little pocket of storage. There are solutions all across the market which let you transform a new place for you to put your belongings. It might require a little investment on your part, but in the end will be worth it.

For example, you should have a look for a bed with storage built in underneath. Whether it is drawers that slide out or the entire mattress lifting up to allow a little more room. 

Shelves, Shelves, Everywhere!

Shelves are likely to become your best friend. Whether they are on your walls or lining the inside of cupboard doors, the humble shelf is one of the best ways you can increase the amount of storage inside your apartment. 

Nearly everything can be stored on a shelf if it is properly supported. If you currently don’t have any installed, highly consider installing them. They can be about form just as much as function, and the right design can even have some hidden pockets for valuables. If you are on the hunt for some hidden places to hide in an otherwise open apartment, taking a look at where you can hide things in plain sight on shelves might be just what you are after. For example, decorative books that open up for storage.

Survey each of your rooms now and see where you can make changes to your living situation now. Take inventory of what can be tossed or donated to free up particularly cluttered areas. It is easier to find storage solutions for your apartment than you might think.

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