Top Reasons to Use Galvanized Steel Posts in Wooden Fencing

Adding a fence to your property increases the value, no matter what type of fence you build. Wood fencing is one of the most economical choices in terms of material, but it is the least durable. Even treated wood is susceptible to warping, rotting, and pest damage. Metal fencing, such as steel, aluminum, and iron, is resistant to damage and can be ornamental, but doesn’t offer much in the way of privacy.

A wood fence with galvanized steel posts is a worthy compromise. The steel posts provide sturdy support for the fence while the wood slats offer privacy and style. Consider the following benefits of wood fences with galvanized steel posts.

Steel Posts Offer Solid Support

Galvanized steel is a strong metal with a protective coating to prevent corrosion. The structural strength of steel prevents the fence posts from bending. When they are installed correctly in the ground, steel posts won’t lean. Your fence will remain straight and level.

Steel is Resistant to Weather Damage

Another benefit to steel posts is that they are resistant to weather damage. The coating applied to galvanized steel prevents corrosion from exposure to moisture. Steel won’t warp or bend from moisture or changes in temperature. It holds up to high winds and can’t be damaged by hail.

Steel Posts Won’t Rot in the Ground

The moisture content in the ground can eventually take its toll on wood fence posts, but galvanized steel won’t rot or break down. It is virtually unaffected by the moisture content of the ground and fungi that can damage wood.

Pests Can’t Touch Steel

Steel posts are not susceptible to termites, wood bees, carpenter ants, or any other pests that like to feed on or build their nests in wood. And their pest resistance occurs naturally without the need to be treated like wood.

Easily Convert Chain Link Fence to Wood

If your property has a chain link fence and you’d like to build a wood privacy fence, the existing steel posts can be used as supports. They can remain in the ground with wood slats and panels attached to them. This decreases materials and labor costs significantly.

Steel Posts Can Be Concealed

If the look of steel posts is a concern, the posts are only visible on the inside of the fence. They can also be completely concealed within the wood if you would prefer a fully uniform look for the inside of your fence as well as the outside.

Ideal for Garden Fences, Even Organic

Steel posts are garden friendly because they are not chemically treated like pressurized wood. This is especially important if you have an organic garden that cannot be contaminated with any kind of chemicals from treated wood. Combine your steel posts with cedar fence boards and the organic integrity of your garden remains intact.

Is a Wood Fence with Steel Posts Right for My Property?

A wood privacy fence with steel posts has many benefits. If you want a fence that will stay standing in high winds and avoid breaking down due to moisture and pests, this may be the best option for you. It is possible to have the strength of a metal fence with the privacy and style of a wood fence.

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