Top Features and Amenities For Your Vacation Rental to Receive Rave Reviews

People have utilized vacation rentals for a very long time but they didn’t become as mainstream as they are now until sites like Airbnb emerged. Vacation rentals have indeed been around for quite some time but one thing that has evolved with vacation rentals is the expectations of the guests staying in vacation rentals. These days, it can be quite difficult to get a good review from guests staying on your vacation property if you don’t have things the way they want them to be… because of that, it’s important that you at least meet their bare minimum needs.

In determining what features and amenities to incorporate into your vacation rental, you need to first take into consideration these three factors:

  1. Your features and amenities should be reflective of where your vacation rental is located.
  2. Your features and amenities should be reflective of the type of property you’re offering.
  3. Your features and amenities should be reflective of the types of guests you want to host.

These considerations may seem like they won’t make too big of a difference but what lots of vacation rental hosts fail to realize is that the features and amenities you choose for your rental property are what make the difference between a one-time visitor and repeat visitors. When travelers are browsing through vacation properties, you can best believe that the features and amenities your property has is what’s going to set your property apart from the other properties. So before you go and list your property on a vacation rental site, make sure you have these amenities and features first.

Home Security System

So, when adding different features and amenities to your vacation property, it’s important that a home security system is on the top of your priorities list. With this particular feature, you have to put yourself in the shoes of your guests. You have to consider the fact that people will be coming to your property and staying in a location that they’re not familiar with and they don’t know anyone there… the last thing they want to do is have someone break into the property that they’re vacationing in.

So, to prevent any type of criminal activity, you need to contact a trusted home alarm systems company to get a security system installed. You have to remember, vacations are supposed to be a getaway where you can relax and be stress-free… the possible threat of an intruder can make any vacation a true nightmare.

The Rental Must Be Clean

One of the biggest pet peeves of guests staying in vacation rentals is opening the door to a dirty property. This is a surefire way to get a bad review on your property. A guest expecting to walk into a clean vacation property isn’t an unreasonable expectation by any means. As the host of the property, it’s your responsibility to have quick clean up turn arounds to make sure your property is always ready for the next set of guests.

You could always put in that good old fashioned elbow grease but the most feasible way to do this is to hire a professional cleaning service. People tend to forget just how hazardous a dirty house can be on someone’s health and the illnesses it can cause, according to Wise Projects, and that’s why it’s best to leave the cleaning to the pros. There are cleaning mistakes that professionals won’t make that you, trying to put in elbow grease, will make. To prevent any potential cleaning mishaps, it’s best to just leave things up to the pros.


If your vacation rental does not have access to wifi, you definitely need to make that very clear in your listing. Wifi is something that comes so standard with lots of places that people tend to forget that there are still people out there not utilizing it in their homes. You’re going to be better off listing that there isn’t wifi access from the beginning rather than your guests arriving and finding out that there is no wifi access.

No wifi is something that would be ideal for a family vacationing for the sole purpose of “unplugging” but most families like to document their vacation time by taking photos and videos and uploading them on social media. Not giving visitors this option has the potential to do more harm than good for your property ratings. Check your local providers for internet packages… they typically have deals going on for first-time customers.

Laundry Amenities

One of the worst parts of a vacation is going back home with a ton of dirty laundry or not having the right clothing maintenance supplies. By providing your guests with equipment like a washer and dryer, iron and ironing board, lent roller, laundry detergent, starch, etc, those are all things that will earn major points with guests.

Handicap Accessible Features

To add even more “brownie points” to your vacation rental, you can add features that are accessible to travelers with certain handicaps or mobility issues. These don’t have to be major projects but being able to list these features will definitely put your property in more searches. You can buy a collapsable shower chair and store it in a closet or install a grab bar near the toilet or in the shower. According to, installing a grab bar near the toilet or in the shower, is a great investment in your home. It’s not just a feature that’s helpful to elderly guests staying in your rental… it’s an overall good safety feature to have in your rental, in general. You never know who may need help getting off the toilet or need help standing in the shower.

Making your vacation rental accessible isn’t a requirement but it sure is a great feature that will make more people want to stay on your property.

Swimming Pool

If your vacation house is located in an area that’s always sunny or is near a beach, having a pool is one of the top keywords that travelers search for when determining where to book their stay. If you’re able to add a private pool to your property, it will immediately increase the value of your vacation property meaning your rental income will increase as well. Just make sure you keep it cleaned, or else that’ll just be something else for your guests to complain about!

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