Tips on Styling Bookshelves

Books add a homely feel to shelf-styling. Displaying  a neatly arranged bookshelves is a great décor to the living room, bedroom or reading room. Though it seems to be the easiest task – to simply arrange the books and add some decoratives to finish the look, it is a strangely difficult one. Once you remove all the books from the shelves – you find yourself at the mid of a huge clutter. So keep reading till the end to find some tips and tricks for decorating a stylish bookshelf


Start with larger items

Start filling the bookshelves with the larger books. 

Smaller books can be arranged neatly in a woven basket and place them neatly to complementing the larger boos and maybe one or two larger artwork. Doing so will help you in scaling and balancing the items on the shelf appropriately.

Decorate with artwork between the books

Bookshelves necessary need not be packed with just books. Try adding a few art pieces to cut the spaces between the books. Try placing the artwork towards the back of the shelf. Try layering the smaller pieces neatly in the front. The trick here is to use the depth of the bookshelf to create interest.

Mix up the position of the books and piles

Stack the books horizontally and vertically on a shelf. Aligning some stacks to the left, right, and center of the bookshelf also gives an interesting décor. It will also help in balancing the weight of shelf styling.

Layering the books is also a great styling trend, which can be done by placing a small decorative on the top of the stacks. 

Add green plants 

Indoor plants add a lively mood to the room. Plants can be used in a variety of ways to décor the room. Choose plants as the decorative piece in your bookshelf.

It helps in giving an easy dimension to your shelf styling. Decorative planters can be used to place plants in the bookshelf. And if you don’t have live plants, or do worry about watering the plants in the bookshelf, try using artificial plants to decorate and create an illusion of greenery on the shelf.

Add decoratives

If you want to create a bookcase as the statement instead of just the backdrop, add more colored items on the shelf. Layer the color from back to front, prop the colorful pieces of artwork in the back, then the books and complete the look with decorative. Decoratives need not be expensive. Small items or even DIY crafts can be made to decorate the bookshelf.

Ceramic, glass, leather, inlaid bone, stone, matte, shiny, shelled items can be kept on the shelf to add interest.

Calm and Neutral

If you are someone who does not want to pop too many colors in your room, a classic and neutral themed bookshelf can be created. To create a professional-looking bookcase, play with the colors. For a neutral-pale theme, try choosing the items such as the books and decoratives that are a mix of whites, creams, tans, and some black to bring contrast.

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