Tips for Arranging a Minimalist Wedding

When it comes to weddings, many couples automatically think that they need to opt for a lavish, elaborate affair in order to make it special and memorable. As such, many couples end up spending far more than they can afford and putting a huge amount of time into planning the wedding. This can make the wedding very expensive and very stressful, which is the last thing you want when it comes to the most special day of your life.

One alternative is to opt for a minimalist wedding, which has become a popular choice with couples who want something more personal and intimate. You can enlist the assistance of professionals to get the planning just right. 

Some Advice to Make Planning Easier

If you are keen to arrange a minimalist wedding, there are various tips that can help. Here are some ideas that you can check out from Vancouver wedding coordination and design by Ariel Chiu. Some of the steps you can take in order to achieve your goal, increase intimacy, and cut costs include:

Minimal Wedding Decorations

With a traditional wedding, couples often go way over the top with decorations. This can add to the time involved in preparing the wedding day, the cost of the wedding, and the fussiness of the event. If you want to arrange a minimalist wedding, select your decorations carefully and limit them to avoid going over the top. This includes limiting table decorations so that your guests can actually see the linen and make use of the table! 

Subtle Wedding Flowers

Another thing you should look at is your wedding flowers, which is something else that couples often go overboard with. Try to avoid using a plethora of colors in your bouquets and instead choose just a couple of key colors. 

Low-Key Wedding Cake

The huge, elaborately decorated wedding cakes that some couples choose can be extremely expensive and often much of it goes to waste. To reduce costs and opt for the minimal look, you can choose a naked wedding cake that is plain, simple, yet tasty. This is something that is more practical and affordable.

Simple Wedding Menu

Another aspect of your wedding you need to look at is your wedding menu. Rather than choosing intricate dishes and a huge range of menu options, opt for simple dishes that are likely to appeal to all guests. You should have a meat and a vegetarian option but keep both of them simple.

Paperless Wedding Invitations

Many couples spend a fortune on paper invitations, which impact both their budget and the environment. If you want to do your bit for the green cause and save some money, opt for paperless invitations and use digital technology to invite guests to your big day.

Enjoy a Great Day and Save Money

By following these tips for a minimalist wedding, you can enjoy a great day that is more personal and intimate rather than putting on a huge show for your guests. In addition, you can save a fortune on the cost of your wedding, so you won’t have to risk starting your married life in debt.

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