• HomePhoto of Natural DIY Cleaning Solution Kit

    Natural DIY Cleaning Solution Kit

    This simple-yet-genius DIY cleaning solution kit let’s you make your own spray cleaner – the natural way. With a built-in juicer, you can use natural lemon juice to create a disinfecting cleaning spray without harmful chemicals. Includes super easy directions + helpful ideas.…

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  • OtherPhoto of Summer Oxford Shirt

    Summer Oxford Shirt

    Skilled designer Nat Disston of VoyVoy clothing has solved the problem of irritating fingerprints smudging the surfaces of your everyday gadgets. No longer will your smartphone be sullied or your glasses stained thanks to a patch of hidden microfiber on the inside…

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  • OtherPhoto of The ‘Standing Broom’ by Poh Liang Hock

    The ‘Standing Broom’ by Poh Liang Hock

    This minimalistic broom design concept won Poh Liang Hock a Red Design Award

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