The Suit Wallet by Matblac

Matblac specializes in men’s slimline wallets and unique Apple accessories. All his products are handcrafted from the worlds finest materials and just ooze quality. Read more on the production here or grab The Suit wallet here.

The Suit Wallet by Matblac

These magnetic masterpieces are perfect for anyone tired of bulky wallets. Carefully cut suede is set in an individually trimmed outer leather and hand finished to perfection. The flexible magnetic closure is strong enough to keep your valuables safe at all times while having no effect on your bank cards. Each wallet is crafted start to finish by an artisan who eats, sleeps and dreams wallets.

The Suit Wallet by Matblac

This wallet has a soft grey suede interior wrapped in a blue dotted suede exterior which will darken to a deep slate blue with age and gain smooth rounded edges.

The Suit Wallet by Matblac

Holds 2-6 cards, cash and no coins
Coins should be kept in ones pocket.
L(10.5cm) W(8cm) T(0.6cm)
Holds notes up to 17.5 x 7.5 cm

The Suit Wallet by Matblac

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Matblac - The Suit Wallet

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