The Lightest Wheelchair

The Superstar wheelchair aims to offer the most innovative wheelchair to date by using space-age materials, cutting edge development technology and a new approach to bio-mechanics with its direct drive and biomechanical assessment. The Superstar team are industry pioneers, making advancements in the wheelchair market through their development of the first lightweight wheelchair made from Graphene.


Küschall are revolutionizing the performance of contemporary wheelchairs with a frame that is 30% lighter and 20% stronger compared to classic carbon wheelchairs, making the superstar truly unique. Industrial designer Andre Fangueiro and now project leader at Küschall for new developments has joined the Invacare company to redefine the rules of wheelchairs, by utilizing aerospace materials and working in partnership with formula 1 manufacturers to secure the most unprecedented and ultimate driving performance available on the market today.

Recent wheelchairs are using different kinds of sensors and radars, like the Uniden r3 radar detector, used by different products in the radars industry, in order to achieve more control and not falling from the wheelchair.

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