The Keys to Clean and Striking Bedroom Design

It’s often the living room and kitchen that attract the most attention in minimalist blogs and furniture showcases. That’s because these are traditionally the rooms you spend much of your time in – especially when entertaining guests. But the bedroom is one of the most important roomsto consider when you’re striving for a minimalist aesthetic. Why? Because that’s where your minimalist tendencies will achieve the peaceful sleepsand fabulously clear-headed mornings. This article gives your bedroom a thorough going-over in order foryou to establish the most clean, elegant and strikingly minimalist effect possible.

Clear the Clutter

Naturally, minimalism is about clutter-free living. Even the tidiest of people tend to leave the odd item of clothing or coffee mug lying scattered around, which can shatter your dreams of a perfect minimalist bedroom.

The solution to this problem isn’t to beruthlessly tidy at all times – that’s a lifestyle that takes away from you. Instead, bring in items of furniture that are attractive and along your interiortheme – but also functional in that they silently store your bedroom items. From laundry to tissue boxes, you can encase your mess in attractive vessels to clear the clutter in your room.

Restore Overall Cleanliness

Clean design works in tandem with actual domestic cleanliness. Light carpets that darken over time slowly take away from your minimalist ideals – and should be deep cleaned. Dirty or grubby walls destroy your clean look.

Worst of all, the likes of bed bugs or other home invaders can destroy the clean design of a room. That’s why homeowners turn to Utah Pest Control experts to deal with these unwelcome and unclean guests. Go over every corner of your bedroom in your quest for absolutecleanliness, and feel this sanitary effect absorbed into your design aesthetic.

Focus on Whites

The best minimalist bedrooms are ordinarily white. White walls with either a light carpet or light-paneled wooden floors work best. The linen or fabric in your room should also be white. White sheets – with many replacements – and white curtains will give your room a breezy, comfortable feel.

You might add a white rug, white towels, or white bedroom accessories like alarm clocks and lamps to finalize your look. If you add colors to the mix, make sure they’re complementary and softened – like the pastel palette that’s ruling the design world at present.

Think Spatially

The final tip in this minimalist bedroom design guide is to think about the space you’re working withinyour bedroom. Some people like to play around with the spacethey have at their disposal by using one of the increasingly popular interior design apps on their smartphone.

Unlike other rooms, it’s okay if your bedroom doesn’t feel all that spacious. It’s a functional room above all else – where you sleep and enjoy comfort and peace. Position your bed in the center of the room,against one wall, and build out from there.

Minimalist bedrooms are relatively easyto achieve, given the right adjustments highlighted in the four tips posted above. Enact these tips to preserve the peace and quietude of your place of rest.

Author: Lucy has been working in the fashion industry for six years. A dedicated follower of all things fashion and beauty, she is passionate about new industry developments. Lucy is now a full time freelance fashion writer. 

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