The Benefits of An Asian Nursing Home in On Nut Thailand

If you live in Bangkok and have elderly loved ones that you simply don’t have the expertise to look after then it may come as a relief to you to know that there are Nursing Homes that offer a range of services within the On-Nut or formally known ‘On-Nuch’ area of Bangkok. The idea of a ‘nursing home’ for your loved one or loved ones might not fill you with joy, but when you look into the level of care that is on offer then you will surely be pleasantly surprised.

Services on offer

Elderly care centre

Some of the best established ‘nursing homes’ or Elderly care centres have decades of experience and numerous locations of care homes; they have received internationally recognised awards from the national government agencies in the field of providing care services to the elderly too. If you live near On nut, then you can try an Internet search for nursing home On-Nuch, you will see that the best care homes offer outstanding care as follows;

  • A team of doctors and nurses
  • Physiotherapists 
  • Occupational Therapists  
  • Nutritionists
  • Physiatrist 
  • Nursing Assistants and Patient Helper tested by the government agencies (TPQI) 

They have the latest in medical equipment and tools to help your loved ones live as comfortably as possible, the premises are airy and invite an air of tranquillity, if tranquillity is something that you would like in your own home then you might find this informative blog worth a read. Apart from the care of your loved ones the main focus of the best care homes are cleanliness, safety and peace of mind.

Top quality products

  • Bedding products – the mattresses are designed to reduce any likelihood of pressure sores, there are a variety of pillows available depending on your loved ones needs ranging from specialist neck pillows, arm pillows, back pressure pillows and foot pillows. The bedding products are made from 100% premium grade latex, the cottons and silks are woven in a 500-thread weaving process providing the best of quality.
  • Body cleaning products – these include soap, shampoo, hair conditioner and toothpaste. 
  • Skincare – special lotions and oils designed to help reduce any potential skin irritations.

Shuttle service

One huge weight off of your mind could be that the most comprehensive care homes also offer a shuttle service, not only will the care home take your loved ones from a-b but they will look after them during the process, these services are offered 24 hours a day.

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