How To Turn Your Home Into A Stress-Free Sanctuary

Your house should be nothing but a calming, peaceful, and stress-free sanctuary. After all, there’s no other place you return to after a busy day than your home. It should be your retreat wherein you can unwind, loosen up, and take time to restore your energy and reset your mind. It’s the ambiance of the house that drives homeowners to purchase a specific place. Perhaps, the reason you live in the space you have right now is because it made you feel at ease the moment you stepped inside on it. 

However, the ambiance doesn’t only rely on the structure itself. The way you decorate also affects how your home makes you feel. Take a moment to ask yourself if your house has made you feel stressed out lately. Do you feel anxious whenever it’s time for you to be back? Do you feel more comfortable spending time somewhere else rather than staying in? 

Cultivating A Stress-Free Home 

If you’re feeling any discomfort, this may be a sign your home has become your source of stress. Fortunately, transforming it into a stress-free sanctuary doesn’t have to involve massive renovation projects or remodeling. You might be surprised even the most minor decoration changes can do so much to lift the spirits of your house and make it your true haven.   

To get started, here are four tips to help turn your home into a stress-free sanctuary:  

1. Declutter  

One of the primary sources of stress is clutter. When your space is constantly filled with endless piles of stuff, you’ll automatically feel exhausted just by the sight of it. Everyone knows clutter can create physical chaos and visual distraction. And if you let those pile up every day, you’ll find yourself having a hard time roaming around because your items have invaded the area.   

For a stress-free sanctuary, start by doing a general cleaning with every room and decluttering every piece of item you see on surfaces, floors, and shelves. Get rid of all things and furniture you won’t need by either donating them or letting the rubbish removal service collect them. After, rearrange your furniture and ensure you have enough space to walk around the house.    

It’s also important to keep your flat surfaces clean and free from any objects such as your countertops, dining table, coffee table, and living room table. If you wish to display a decoration, limit yourself to one to two objects only such as a small houseplant, a flower pot, or a tiny vase filled with meditation crystals or stones. You can also go for the individual, large stones like celestite, amethyst crystals, and other stones to add a calming and soothing touch to your interiors. 

2. Add Fresh Flowers Or Indoor Plants  

Bringing nature into your decorations can do great things for your home’s ambiance and atmosphere. If you’ve noticed, some people tend to run into the natural environment whenever they feel stressed. Some would go hiking in the forest or trails, walk along the seashore, or simply set up a tent and witness the sunset or the sunrise. When you’re closely interacting with nature, you tend to temporarily forget about how noisy and hectic your current state is.  

So why not incorporate nature’s power into your home? You can start by getting yourself some fresh flower bouquets every week and display them in your living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Flowers can easily add color to your home and they bring pleasant fragrances that can significantly help you destress and relax while you’re at home. 

If not flowers, you can start caring for a bunch of houseplants and display them on your window sill. Watering them every day and witnessing them grow can be satisfying and comforting as it gives you a sense of fulfillment.  

Indoor plants and flowers are also known to act as natural air humidifiers, which can help cleanse out your air and remove toxins. The cleaner the air you inhale, the easier it’ll be for you to relax, unwind, and settle down into your home after a long day.  

3. Get Rid Of Your Wall Clocks 

Look around you and count how many clocks you currently have in your house. Do you have three hanging in your entire place or maybe you have a wall clock in every room of the house? You may not notice it, but these can also be a source of stress as you make it a habit to constantly check the time every chance you get. Unfortunately, clock-watching will only increase your stress levels as it’ll remind you that time is passing, ultimately adding pressure on you and on whatever you’re doing.   

As much as possible, limit yourself to owning one wall clock only. The best place to hang it is either above your couch or facing opposite your doorway. Avoid putting it in the bedroom as the ticking sound might be annoying. Don’t worry about not knowing the time because you’ll always have access to it through your phone and wristwatch. 

4. Add A Pleasing Scent  

Another intimate way to achieve a stress-free sanctuary is by adding a pleasant scent into your home. This may not sound ideal at first, especially if your house is constantly filled with the smell of cooked meals, the dust from the shelves and carpets, or even the strong perfume from your kids as they walk past the living room. When all these odors combine, they emit a weird, stressful, and unwelcoming smell. 

If you want your home to soothe you, be mindful of how your house smells. To deodorize your space and get rid of the pungent smell, you can add a pleasing scent by lighting scented candles or using an essential oil diffuser and DIY air fresheners. This will help you relax and forget about the dusty smells. 

Wrap Up 

These simple yet powerful methods can quickly turn your home into a stress-free sanctuary. If you want to add tranquility and serenity to your house, try these tips and create a welcoming environment for you and your family. 

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