The AGL Table Group for Herman Miller by Leon Ransmeier

While in the market for a new office desk I stumbled across this bad boy. I absolutely love it. The simple slickness is exactly what you’d need in an office and plug ports that aren’t awkwardly located. Now you don’t need to get on all fours to go crawling beneath your desk when trying to plug in your clients laptop.


The AGL Table Group for Herman Miller is an efficient solution for executive desks, residential dining and conference needs.


Both powered and non-powered versions utilize an aluminum base to support table surfaces in stone, veneer or formcoat. When powered, an arrangement of innovative trays mounted beneath the edge of the surface incorporate electrical outlets and enough space to accommodate wires, transformers and tablets; the trays are engineered to smoothly handle tangled cords when opening and closing.


The design brings power access into the personal space of the user while preventing clutter on the table surface.


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