The 7-Month Program to Become a Nurse Health Coach

Nursing is a demanding profession, and nurses often find themselves caring for patients around the clock. However, if you become a nurse coach, you can teach other nurses how to manage their time and resources more effectively. A nurse health coach is a registered nurse who has been specially trained to provide guidance and support to other nurses. Nurse coaches typically have several years of experience working in a hospital or clinical setting, and they use this knowledge to help other nurses improve their practice.

In addition to providing advice and support, nurse coaches also work with nurses to develop Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). These programs are designed to help nurses meet their specific goals and improve their overall performance. As a result, nurse coaching can be an invaluable resource for nurses who want to improve their practice and create a significant lasting impact on the lives of their patients.

Transformative Nurse Coaching Certification Program

The Nurse Coach Collective‘s Transformative Nurse Coaching Certification Program is a 7-month online course for registered nurses that teaches them the skills and knowledge necessary to become effective coaches. The program is based on the principles of adult learning and transformational coaching, and it is delivered through a combination of self-paced and synchronous learning modalities. Upon completion of the program, nurse coaches will be prepared to support clients in achieving their health and wellness goals.

The program includes coursework on topics such as foundations of coaching, ethics and boundaries, communication skills, and assessment. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to participate in mentor coaching sessions and to receive feedback from experienced nurse coaches. The Transformative Nurse Coaching Certification Program provides an evidence-based approach to nurse coaching that can help nurses make a difference in the lives of their clients.

What to expect from the program

The Transformative Nurse Coaching Certification Program is divided into three phases: paced online learning, continued learning and supervised practicum, and celebration. Each module in the first and second phase provide nurses with the practical skills they would need to become successful nurse coaches. In addition, the program provides nurses with the opportunity to earn continuing education credits. 

Apart from online classes, you will also have the opportunity to participate in live support calls with a community of nurses. In the practical part of the program, you will complete a supervised practicum in a hospital or other clinical setting. This will give you the chance to put your knowledge into practice and gain valuable experience. 

When does the program start?

One of the best parts about this program is that you have multiple start dates so that you can join any time you want. Since the program only lasts for 7 months, you don’t have to wait for years like you would in other programs to become a nurse health coach. The program offers support from experienced professionals who are available to answer any questions you may have.

Who can enroll in this program?

Anyone who is passionate about helping others and promoting healthy living can become a nurse coach. If you are interested in becoming a nurse health coach, the first step is to complete a nursing program and earn your registered nurse license. Once you have your registered nurse license, you can then pursue specialized training through the accredited Transformative Nurse Coaching Certification Program. Nurse coaches share a commitment to helping their patients improve their health and well-being. After completing your training, you will be ready to start making a difference in the lives of your patients.

Phases of the program

As already mentioned, this program has three phases:

Phase 1

This phase will continue for 6 weeks. You will learn the following things in this phase:

  • Week 1 – Learn about the concept of nurse coaching
  • Week 2 – Role and responsibility of a nurse coach 
  • Week 3 – Steps to become a nurse coach 
  • Week 4 – How you can co-create change and develop yourself
  • Week 5 – A nurse coach’s action, accountability, and goals 
  • Week 6 – Preparing for your exam

Phase 2

This is also a 6-week phase where you will learn the following:

1. Lifestyle design

  • Exercise
  • Environment
  • Sleep
  • Plant-predominant nutrition and whole food
  • Social relationships
  • Mindfulness

2. Nurse coaching process

  • Intuition
  • Building capacity
  • Presence and awareness
  • Powerful questions
  • Harnessing curiosity
  • Gratitude
  • Insight into the healing moment
  • Using language to give shape to reality
  • Building the power of forgiveness
  • Deep listening

Phase 3

This is a phase of celebration where you and your colleagues or batch mates will come together and celebrate the fact that all of you have become nurse coaches.

If you’re looking for a rewarding career that helps people live healthier lives, becoming a nurse health coach may be perfect for you. With the right training and certification from The Nurse Coach Collective, you could be making a real impact on the well-being of your patients. Enroll in The Transformative Nurse Coaching Certification Program today!

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