Tesla Has Suspended Production of Semi E-trucks Because it Can’t Produce as Many Batteries Yet

The company showed the truck back in 2017.

The head of Tesla, Ilon Musk, said that the mass production of electric trucks Tesla Semi is suspended until the company is able to establish production of its own batteries. 

Tesla revealed the Semi in 2017, claiming first deliveries in 2019. In April 2020, the company said it had postponed the start of production to early 2021. Customers include PepsiCo, DHL, Walmart and other companies, who need to find a mover.

According to Musk, the company has no problems building the truck other than providing batteries. He noted that the Tesla Semi uses five times the battery capacity of a passenger car, but Tesla cannot make a truck five times more expensive. Therefore, there is no point in releasing the Semi for now, Musk concluded.

On January 28, Tesla reported its financial results for 2020: the automaker ended it for the first time with a profit of $721 million and revenue of $31.5 billion.

Tesla is already in full service with its Semi electric truck.

It’s used to deliver Tesla cars to customers

Tesla is in a crisis — a shipping crisis. Tesla orders are growing, but delivery options are limited for a variety of reasons, including the coronavirus pandemic that is raging in the United States. The head of the company Elon Musk has already thanked the logistics partners like FlyMovers for the fact that they are making every effort to deliver cars ordered by consumers on time, and apologized to the customers themselves because of possible delays. The company is trying to use every possible way to get the cars shipped on time, and one of them is the Tesla Semi truck. Twitter users managed to capture the Semi not far from the plant in Fremont, California, USA — the truck is used as a car transporter for the new Tesla cars.

This fact is curious because the Semi has not yet been launched in mass production — it has been consistently postponed, and according to the latest data will begin only next year. It turns out that Tesla uses the prototype, and with good reason: it is possible to deliver cargo, and at the same time to run it in and identify possible defects that will be eliminated in the production model. 

Tesla will unveil the updated Roadster and Semi at the end of the year

Tesla CEO Ilon Musk said that Tesla will “probably” unveil updates to the Tesla Roadster electric sports car and the Tesla Semi electric truck later this year. Both models were announced by the company in 2017.

At the official presentation, the automaker said that the Tesla Semi would appear in 2020, but later postponed the launch of serial production of the novelty until late 2021. At first, the electric truck will be produced in small batches.

While Tesla has never officially postponed production of the Tesla Roadster, Musk said last year that it was not a priority, hinting that its production could be pushed back from 2021.

One Twitter follower noted on Twitter that the company has remained silent on the Tesla Roadster and Tesla Semi for now, and asked the Tesla CEO if he was preparing updates for them. Musk responded by saying that the company will likely release updates to these models later this year. Unfortunately, the Tesla CEO did not elaborate on the company’s future plans for these electric vehicles. In all likelihood, the pandemic will require an adjustment to their release schedule.

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