3 Reasons Minimalist Design ‘Works’ in High End Tampa

When it comes to high end real estate in the Tampa-St Pete area of Florida, what first comes to mind? Of course, you envision a lovely property on the Gulf, with a lovely warm ‘ocean’ breeze, white sands and waves cresting in the distance.

Some of the most beautiful and coveted property in the United States is on Florida’s Suncoast where the weather is mild throughout the entire year and the beaches are warm and inviting, especially in the winter months when the rest of the nation is blanketed in snow. Because of this, high end real estate in the Tampa-St Pete region is absolutely perfect for minimalist design. Here are three very good reasons why.

1) Less Is Always More

There are actually a couple of reasons why less is always more when it comes to high end real estate in Florida, or anywhere else for that matter. Those who truly can afford to live in the lap of luxury have no need to flaunt it and that is why a minimalist design works quite nicely. They can have the absolute best of everything, including a full movie theater built into their homes and no one would know it when passing by. However, that isn’t really the real benefit of being minimalistic in architecture as well as décor.

When you have a number of exquisite furnishings and paintings, for example, you want them to stand out. They need to be highlighted so that they are eye-catching in their beauty as well as their worth. Something this exquisite would get lost in crowded décor, so it is best to keep everything else to a minimum. From landscaping with exotic plants not native to the Suncoast of Florida to a random Picasso in the living room or den, something that important should take front and center stage.

2) Minimalist Design Lends Itself Well to Sandy Beaches

Those lovely sandy beaches are a great attraction and one of the reasons so many people are anxious for luxury properties in this area, according to Keller Williams St Pete, but that also can mean extra care be given to design and décor. Imagine bringing in sand to a home crowded with furnishings, a high-pile plush rug and walls literally covered with pictures. Not only will everyone carry sand in with them, but those warm evening breezes carry their fair share of sand as well from time to time. It is much easier to keep everything dust and sand free when everything from furnishings to decorations is kept to a minimum.

3) Easier to Keep Secure

This is especially pertinent to landscaping, but indoors as well. Although rare, there are times when a tropical storm or even a random hurricane will pass close enough to shore to bring heavy winds to the area. The less you have to bring in or tie down, the easier and quicker will be when the need should arise. It is also easier for your security cams to ‘watch’ your grounds when the design in minimalistic. With fewer shrubs and plants, cameras can keep everything in view and on a high end property, this is a must.

For so many reasons, minimalism just seems to work for luxury real estate. Besides being easier to care for and easier to secure, it is also easier to highlight those pieces you cherish and want others to view. There isn’t a prettier part of the country to live in with weather as nice all through the year. Looking for luxury real estate? The Suncoast of Florida is where it’s at.

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