Taking a look at Home Builder Marketing

You think you are the cream of the crop, you have the walk and you talk the talk, but the main question is, can you sell a house? It looks easy when you watch these programs on TV and how it runs like clockwork, but I’m pretty sure there are a lot of scenes that have been edited and cut right out. 

It takes skill, ‘pazazz’ and a thick skin. My Aunty is an estate agent, and many nights I’ve seen her reach for the glass of wine to just switch off. But she always says, tomorrow is a new day, so I get up, shut up and make it happen. If this is your livelihood then you have to do everything it takes to make it work. 

And she does. 

How to be an Estate agent?

It’s not just about waking up and deciding I want to sell houses, no, you need a license first and foremost. Then you need some kind of skills and training, and not the ‘I can charm anyone’ skillset either, although that does come in handy.

Either going to college to study how it’s done or taking a course, one way or the other you will have to bite the bullet. For those, who are like me who gets bored easily, a short session is going to be the best option. Have a look at for training and coaching that is affordable and won’t take a chunk of time out of your life.

You’ll soon be strutting the streets in your tailored suit and giving the old wink and shotgun hand gesture in no time, even if it is just for Maureen down the road.

5 Reasons to be an Estate Agent.

  • Personality. If you are a people person, not a wallflower, then this job is great for you. You can engage with all types and tweak your persona to make them feel comfortable. Read this short article on how it works, the good and the bad, and if it is for you.
  • Salary. Starting you will have a standard basic package till you get off the ground, the amount varies depending on location and employer. But soon, as you start putting in the hours and the work you see how it all pays off. The commission is higher, you build a clientele and the adrenalin kicks in to be better than the last.
  • Perks. The more you achieve the better the brand awareness of the company, the increase in bonus and perks and the benefits begin to roll in. Better holidays, private medical care and even top of the range company vehicles. What’s not to love?
  • The ladder. There is constant movement, you can be climbing the ladder of success within your first year, this is determined by your efforts of course, but it’s possible. And the more steps you take, the bigger the hunger. 
  • Hours. We know this is a Flexi position, not being bound to a desk, which would drive me mad, is a major plus. You are on the road, doing visits and taking potential customers out on lunches. You can plan your life around work. 

Marketing yourself.

Ok, you have a pretty decent face, you know what to say and when to say it, but being the best in your field still takes a level of skill to master. You have been in the estate game for a while, now you deserve the recognition. And why not, we’re working to be known is it not?

Share your wisdom, build a community, because we all know it takes a village to raise a child. You were once under someone’s wing, pay it forward and take on a newbie. You’ll both benefit and appreciate it, and with the younger generation, one spark on social media and you will be a sensation on everyone’s lips.

This article on how to market yourself successfully shows you how it can be achieved, you have the vision now take the step. Become the best version of yourself. The estate game is an ‘eat or be eaten’ world, don’t be the prey.

We constantly strive to better ourselves physically and mentally, the same should go for our work ethic.

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