• ArchitecturePhoto of UN.IT by M3 Architects

    UN.IT by M3 Architects

    M3 Architects – a young team based in Ukraine – just finished working on a minimal office project called UN.IT. Besides its slick look, the cool thing is that the concept involves independent modules with their own infrastructure. What you see below can be thought of as…

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  • ArchitecturePhoto of Guest Houses

    Guest Houses

    Guest Houses is a minimalist residence located in Sosnivka, Ukraine, designed by YOD Dеsign Lab. The guest houses are a variation of the hotel rooms in a spa-complex called Relax Park Verholy located in a pine forest in the Poltava…

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  • BlogPhoto of T2 Minimalistic Led Lamp

    T2 Minimalistic Led Lamp

    If you are in the market for a functional and minimalistic desk lamp, then check out the Т2 Minimalistic Led Lamp. Hand made from qualitative environmentally friendly materials and finishes, the studio behind this beauty is called Artzavod. The T2 provides a warm (3000K)…

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