• Art

    Paris vs New York

    Drawing from his experience commuting between Paris and New York, talented art director and graphic designer Vahram Muratyan decided to illustrate the various differences between two of the world’s cultural touchstones. The series, entitled Paris vs New York: A Tally of…

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  • Home

    Silver Vase

    Brand designer and global retailer Minimalux‘s focus on simple elegance is nowhere more apparent than with the super-quality Silver series. These exceptional vases are crafted from a fusion of hand blown Borosilicate glass and metalised with a thick layer of Sterling Silver, the surface…

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  • Art

    Some Minimalistic Posters of The Famous Art Movements

    Will we ever tire of minimal poster series? I highly doubt it.

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  • Art

    2011 the International Year of Chemistry

    Graphic designer and illustrator Simon C Page has created these awesome posters to increase the public appreciation of Chemistry in meeting world needs, to encourage interest in Chemistry among young people, and to generate enthusiasm for the creative future of…

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  • Design

    Mental Disorder Poster Series (Available for Download)

    Patrick Smith AKA Graphic Patrickhas not only created some of the coolest and clever minimal posters we've seen, he has also been a jolly good sport and made them available for download in PDF format for free!

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  • Other

    Drop-Dead Gorgeous Diamant Coffin Series

    I’ve been terribly ill the last few days and these modern coffins could may well have come in handy. The result of the collaboration between Jacob Jensen and Tommerup Kister is a truly minimalist and angular series of coffins which…

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