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  • OtherPhoto of Culture Cards

    Culture Cards

    Vietnam gave us Sriracha, phở soup, and the infamous Flappy Bird game. What better way to celebrate these accomplishments than through beautifully designed playing cards? This minimalist cultural statement for the summer features art, history, and cuisine while exploring Ho…

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  • DesignPhoto of Atelier Playing Cards

    Atelier Playing Cards

    Do you really need minimal playing cards? Well, next time your friend hits his straight on the river, you can’t be too sad if you’re looking at these beautiful cards. In best Jonny Ive fashion, the Atelier Playing Cards have been designed…

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  • DesignPhoto of Minimal Playing Cards

    Minimal Playing Cards

    Sam Dallyn, who’s work is beautiful and clean has created these minimal playing cards as some sort of personal project. Thats about all I know other that the fact that they look great.

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