GroovBoard Alder

The GroovBoard Alder is a simple yet innovative design by Thomas Borowski that makes your tablet browsing an easy and comfortable affair. Make sure to check out the video below!


 The GroovBoard gives you several options for using your iPad comfortably with or without an external keyboard, with a stylus, on your couch or easy chair, in bed or at a desk or table.



Slightly softer than most other hardwoods, alder wood is very popular in furniture and cabinet making. The alder’s honey tone gives this GroovBoard model its warm and pleasant character.


In flat mode, the two main grooves hold your iPad securely at two distinct angles, and let you use an external keyboard when the iPad is in the back groove. In upright mode, the iPad sits in the top groove, rested against your thighs and the back (or, in this mode, upper) groove becomes a mount for the Apple Wireless Keyboard.


To sum it up: The GroovBoard lets you use your iPad comfortably sitting on the couch or in your easy chair, with or without an Apple Wireless Keyboard and holds on to your stylus so you don’t lose it between the sofa cushions.

Take a look at GroovBoard in action in the video below:

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