• ArchitecturePhoto of Kiritoushi House

    Kiritoushi House

    The Kiritoushi House by SUGAWARADAISUKE is a minimalist home that links the interior of the house with the pastoral, scenic environment surrounding it. This was accomplished by designing the exterior of the house as a simple box that allows the natural sunlight and fresh…

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  • ArchitecturePhoto of Frame


    Frame by UID Architects gets its name from the large square opening present in its facade. The frame allows ample natural light into the small courtyard behind it, giving the area a quiet, calm quality that’s perfect for reflection on a…

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  • ArchitecturePhoto of Wall House

    Wall House

    Using classical Chinese architecture as inspiration, FARM and the talented duo of Tiah Nan Chyuan and Lee Hui Lian brought together two distinct houses to form a coherent whole. The Wall House comprises of a main living area and a smaller…

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