Kiritoushi House

The Kiritoushi House by SUGAWARADAISUKE is a minimalist home that links the interior of the house with the pastoral, scenic environment surrounding it.

This was accomplished by designing the exterior of the house as a simple box that allows the natural sunlight and fresh air into the interior, easily blending the establishment with its surroundings.


The house is designed for a married couple with two children, and is located in Oamishirasato, Chiba Prefecture. The building provides an expansive view that allows the natural sunlight and fresh air in the house, so that the residents enjoy the life in the green ambience.


The building sites on the borderline between the new residential area and the pastoral fields. The client’s goal was to link the interior of the house with the scenery outside, letting the family live intimately to the surrounding environment.


The exterior is finished as a simple box, allowing the residence to blend in easily with the rest of the surroundings. The interior spaces are constructed according to the three-dimensional cellular structure, and in the middle is the largest space for the family members to gather. This maximizes the physically sensed largeness and at the same time, each room’s storage capacity.


The relativeness of the scenery, space, and body changes dramatically by moving from each space to space. The physical perception experienced in this house is like that in an excavation ― the fusion of both natural and artificial dimensions

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