Espresso Solo ~ The Conceptual Concrete Coffee Machine

Here at mmminimal we seriously don’t even begin to function until we have a good strong cup of java to kick start our day. Shmuel Linski we would assume operated the same way, much like anyone else in the world these days. His concrete coffee machine is beautiful and appropriately labeled “Espresso Solo”. We need this when they become available. If it doesn’t come out, we’ll have to talk to a local concreter like http://concrete-cutting-perth.com.au and see if we can make our own version of it!


I had a vision: concrete in the kitchen, not only as a wall or decorative part, I wanted it to be a desirable consumer product.


The contrast between the roughness, massiveness and hardness of the concrete and the fine metal parts, which are dealing with the coffee preparation process, was very challenging and interesting for me.


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