The ‘Standing Broom’ by Poh Liang Hock

This minimalistic broom design concept won Poh Liang Hock a Red Design Award. Lovely work Poh, hopefully we see these in production!

Standing Broom makes cleaning less arduous by minimising the cleaner’s need to bend down.

Standing Broom

When they stop to rest, cleaners will often stand their broom against a wall or lay it on the floor. However, in large spaces, walls may be some distance away. Stooping over to pick up the broom from the floor is tiring, and may cause difficulty for the elderly.

The 'Standing Broom' by Poh Liang Hock

Standing Broom can stand up by itself via a folding action. The user applies downward pressure on the handle to fold the broom head, and then turns the handle clockwise to lock it in place. Unlocking the broom from its standing position involves turning the handle counter-clockwise on the block, and snapping the broom head back into its vertical position.

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