• DesignPhoto of Memória Audiovisual Mineira

    Memória Audiovisual Mineira

    Memória Audiovisual Mineira is a research project focused on recovering and preserving the precious cinematographic work done in Minas Gerais. Each issue will feature a character that was important in the development of this movie culture. They will explore their…

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  • HomePhoto of Alpina Collection

    Alpina Collection

    Consisting of a table, chair, desk, and a multipurpose shelf, the Alpina Collection #01 Series is the first round of designs from the brand-new, Buenos Aires-based design studio, RIES. The four pieces were designed to relate to the spaces they’re…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of IMDb Redesign Concept

    IMDb Redesign Concept

    Visual designer JP Teixeira redesigned and prototyped a cleaner take on the IMDb platform. This IMDb concept uses a graphics cards layout for the homepage that replaced the cluttered IMDb landing page. Navigation menu remains on the left side of…

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  • DesignPhoto of B, The Honey Cachaça stinger

    B, The Honey Cachaça stinger

    This is amazing product design for B. Beautifully simple and elegant. B, The Honey Cachaça stinger, co-founded by Formula 1 driver Nelson Piquet Jr. and friends, hit the market this month in Brazil. The visual identity and branding of the…

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