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    4 Tips for Organizing Your Skincare Items in Your Bathroom

    After a hard day, your bathroom needs to be a place where you’re able to unwind and rest. It is a space that should be as clean and uncluttered as possible to allow you to move freely and maximize your…

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  • OtherPhoto of Bibliobath


    Bibliobath helps to calm your mind and enjoy great classics by Twain, Shakespeare or Yeats while taking a hot bath! Made out of synthetic paper and waterproof binding these books can be taken to the beach, pool or on an outdoor…

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  • HomePhoto of Spiral


    A winner of the A’Design Award, Spiral takes inspiration from the ancient mythical tale of snakes guarding precious treasure – in this case it’s our most valuable natural resource… water! This serpentine washbasin stands out with its unique form and…

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  • HomePhoto of Quip Toothbrush

    Quip Toothbrush

    Quip is a brand-new oral care system that rethinks the electric toothbrush game and the whole way we go about replacement heads, toothpaste, and floss. Instead of running to the store every time you’re out of supplies, Quip subscription-based model sends…

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  • HomePhoto of Drop


    The Toilet of Tomorrow, Drop, by France-based designer Pengfei LI is a concept that employs a sensor system so that you never have to put skin to bowl, so to speak. Foam water replaces normal water resulting in an 80% decrease in wastage and…

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  • HomePhoto of Mirror 2.0

    Mirror 2.0

    Robert Grynkofki designed the Mirror 2.0 as an entry to the Reece 2013 Bathroom Innovation Awards. The progressive mirror utilizes voice command, face and gesture recognition technology via sensors and LCD displays placed behind the one-way mirror. The user-friendly mirror offers up…

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  • OtherPhoto of Vessel


    Compelled to elevate the relaxing experience of lying in a hammock, Splinter Works decided to amalgamate that tranquility with the invigoration and pleasure of a comfortable, warm bath. The Vessel’s lines are luxurious and sumptuous and make you feel a…

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  • HomePhoto of Linfa ~ The Electronic Range of Leafy Faucets

    Linfa ~ The Electronic Range of Leafy Faucets

    Andrea de Dominicis has transformed modern bathroom fixtures into luxurious futuristic jungles.

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  • OtherPhoto of Infinity Bath by Mukomelov Studio

    Infinity Bath by Mukomelov Studio

    The Infinity Bath is a new level of comfort , enjoyment and relaxation. Technology and materials used in the design of Infinity allowed to leave it to the next level and become the next stage in the evolution of leisure…

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