• OtherPhoto of Vessel


    Compelled to elevate the relaxing experience of lying in a hammock, Splinter Works decided to amalgamate that tranquility with the invigoration and pleasure of a comfortable, warm bath. The Vessel’s lines are luxurious and sumptuous and make you feel a…

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  • OtherPhoto of Noe


    Noe, the "Shelter for City Birds" is the brain child of industrial designer Floriane Rousse Marquet.

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  • HomePhoto of Corcel N°1 – Corpo Celeste ~ Heavenly Body

    Corcel N°1 – Corpo Celeste ~ Heavenly Body

    For those who know me definitely know that I am somewhat obsessive about my bathing. Nothing wrong with some quality bath salts and relaxation mode on max.

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  • OtherPhoto of Infinity Bath by Mukomelov Studio

    Infinity Bath by Mukomelov Studio

    The Infinity Bath is a new level of comfort , enjoyment and relaxation. Technology and materials used in the design of Infinity allowed to leave it to the next level and become the next stage in the evolution of leisure…

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