Stress-Free Ways to Improve Your Apartment Complex

Have you suddenly got the urge to make some improvements to your apartment complex? Maybe you’re already eying up a new entrance or a more modern elevator? If your answer is yes, then you’re in the right spot.

At this very moment, apartment building owners all over the country are searching for new and creative ways to improve their properties. This is totally understandable – after all, it’s been a tough couple of years, so owners naturally want to put some investment back into their buildings.  

However, many apartment complex owners are putting off the idea of renovations due to cost fears. Money is tight nowadays, so nobody wants to break the bank unnecessarily – even when you have plenty of capital.

Fortunately, this guide has gathered together some stress-free (and low-cost) ways to improve your apartment complex that won’t require you to take out a huge bank loan.

Let’s begin.

Repair or replace your parking lot

Before focusing on your interior, let’s focus on the outside of your apartment complex – specifically, the parking lot.

Your parking lot is important for practical and visual reasons, which is why you must pay careful attention to it. Arguably, the best move you can make is to get a new concrete parking lot. Why? Because concrete is:

  • Durable
  • Resistant to tough weather conditions
  • Low maintenance

To get started, read more about concrete parking lot paving.  

Remember, 89% of American adults drive. Therefore, when individuals are looking for an apartment to buy or rent, they’re going to be focused on the parking lot. Is it in good condition? Is it safe? Is it easy to access? All of these boxes must be ticked, or you’ll risk losing out on hundreds – possibly thousands – of tenants.

Add an on-sight gym

Over recent times, Americans have become considerably more health-conscious.

Now, people care a lot about going to the gym. Therefore, if you can offer an on-sight gym available to all tenants, you’re going to strike gold.

Sure, your apartments alone probably have enough pull to get people to sign contacts, but adding a gym on top of all this is going to entice even more people.

Include the option for wired WIFI connections

In most apartment complexes, tenants share one or more WIFI networks. Generally, if the provider is high-quality, there won’t be any problems. However, if there are lots of tenants using the WIFI at the same time, it can lead to poor connection quality.

The solution to this is simple: install wired ethernet jacks in each apartment. This way, tenants will be able to connect their laptops, games consoles, and more to ethernet cables, enabling them stronger and more stable internet connections. In the age of remote working, this is vital.

Hire security

When there is 24/7 security in an apartment complex, it gives tenants fantastic peace of mind. Although hiring on-sight security is going to cost you, the pay-off of happier tenants will be more than worth it.

Install security cameras in each hallway

Speaking of security, each hallway should have modern security cameras installed for extra benefit. Tenants will no longer have to worry about break-ins or thefts as much because the security cameras will function as a deterrent. Plus, security cameras are low-cost, meaning you won’t have to spend big to get them.

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